AI-powered identity proofing

ID validation and face matching to rapidly verify customer identity.

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Remote ID verification using a mobile device
Digital Identity Verification Engine

Prevent fraud and streamline onboarding with our identity proofing solutions

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Catch fake IDs

Our 2D barcode security checks help flag potentially fraudulent IDs.

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Reduce identity fraud

Layered security checks create multiple speedbumps for potential fraudsters.

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Face match via selfie

Confirm user identity via a guided selfie video that matches them to their ID photo.

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Check individuals against OFAC and PEP lists to stay compliant.

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Reduce abandonment

Our identity proofing process takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

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10,7000 documents

Validate global passports and drivers licenses from around the world.

digital identity verification using a mobile device
Identity proofing

Document verification

Our remote ID validation tools provide AI-powered checks on each customer’s ID or passport. This provides confidence that individuals are not using a fake ID to fool your business.

  • 2D barcode security checks
  • Global document library
  • Front / back cross-matching
  • Accurate data parsing
Identity proofing

Face matching with anti-spoofing

A key element to identity proofing is secure verification that the individual attempting to perform an action is who they say they are. While document verification can provide confidence their ID is legitimate, this doesn’t stop bad actors who are using a stolen ID.

We use facial recognition to match the individual’s face in a selfie to the ID on their photo.

DIVE API accesses the front-facing camera to walk the user through a series of anti-spoofing checks, and then quickly verifies that they match the photo on their ID.


Our face matching technology protects against photo, video, and 3D mask spoofing.

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Randomized liveness checks

We pull from a library of liveness checks (turn your head, tilt your head, smile, remove your glasses) to ensure that the individual is a live, legitimate person.

Mesh modeling

Our software quickly and accurately compares the selfie face to the 3D facial template created when the front of the ID was scanned initially.

Simmons bank app digital onboarding

See how rapidly growing regional bank, Simmons Bank, leveraged our identity proofing technology to fight fraud.

Add third party checks

The strongest identity proofing strategies include document verification, identity verification, and queries to third party data sources.

DMV Database Checks
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Check customer identity against DMV databases in all available states to confirm ID issuance.

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IdentiFraud Checks
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Check identity against the SSA, known fraud lists, utility records, and public service records.

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Social Security Administration Checks
social security administration SSA check

Check against SSA records to confirm whether the individual exists and protect against synthetic identity fraud.

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OFAC List Checks
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KYC/AML protocols require checking against Office of Foreign Asset Control sanctions lists.

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Politically Exposed Person Checks
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Check PEP lists to understand the exposure risks and comply with KYC/AML guidelines.

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Looking to check against different data sources?

Identity proofing integrations and developer tools

We offer a suite of identity proofing products via our Digital Identity Verification Engine. They can be integrated via our RESTful API, or embedded using an SDK.

Digital Identity Verification Engine API

Remote identity proofing including ID validation, face match, and third party checks.

ID scanning

Integrate ID and passport scanning into your systems or workflows.

ID authentication

Take your ID scanning to the next level with ultraviolet and infrared forensic document analysis.

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