United Property addresses new lessee enrollment with ID scanning

United Property Management is one of the oldest realty companies in South Florida, started in 1976. The company was founded by Jose Milton, architect, developer, and entrepreneur who moved to Miami in 1962. After starting several successful businesses, he began UPM. The company is now an all encompassing realty company with key divisions in Project Planning, Construction and Management Entity. UPM has over 9,000 units in South Florida and employs over 700 individuals.

The challenge

It has always been customary to have a lessee fill out their information on their lease form. However, as people’s time has become even more valuable, it has become increasingly important for realty companies to implement a business model that encourages enrollment by streamlining the process to maximize prospective lessee’s time. 

Customer retention and contentment are top priorities driving all realty corporations to find ways to provide the most excellent customer experience so they may focus on other components of the realty process and distinguish themselves from the competition. United Property Management made the customer experience a priority. It needed a way to yield premier customer satisfaction while accurately and swiftly capturing customer data.

UPM requirements

  • Autofill ANY form with customer information found on ID.
  • Ensure accurate data. You no longer chase down lessees whose information was not filled out correctly.
  • Save time. Eliminate tedious labor as well as manual data entry errors.

Software solution

An automated data capture strategy featuring ParseLink Automated Data Capture software with an image capturing scanner.

“The ParseLink automated data entry software is an enormous added value. Our goal is to continue to improve our clients’ experience and make UPM the most preferred realty company in our market. ustomers and employees alike are relieved when they don’t have to worry about filling out lengthy paperwork. They simply scan their ID, and we get the information we need accurately in less than 1 second.”

Lisette Lantigua, Analyst, United Property Management


Since implementation of its Automated Data Capture program, United Property Management has experienced a tremendous increase in accurate customer information. After the initial implementation, UPM saw that the transaction time of gathering customer data, including photo of the ID, was cut down from 2 minutes to 3 seconds, and that their accuracy in data collection is now at 100%.

100% accuracy in data capture, higher lessee enrollment and enhanced customer experience.

30 offices have implemented ParseLink. The initial pilot produced excellent results. After receiving positive feedback from employees and clients, UPM decided to continue its success by implementing ParseLink with the M280 scanner in all 30 of its offices.