5 ways to use mobile ID validation to verify identity and onboard customers

mobile ID on cell phone

Last updated on December 5th, 2023 at 04:37 pm

Mobile ID validation lets your users register from mobile devices

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An increasing number of registration and onboarding transactions are taking place online. Instead of sitting across a desk from an individual and verifying their identity in person (with an assist from ID scanning, of course), the process can now be done remotely using the individual’s mobile device. 

Verifying an individual’s ID from their mobile device is done by taking pictures of the front and back of the ID. Facial recognition can be added to confirm the face on the ID matches a selfie taken during onboarding. Visit our Mobile ID Validation page for a full explanation of the technology. And learn how it can be integrated into your application. 

The following are examples of industries and apps where mobile ID validation is commonly used:

Gig economy

Whether you are enrolling drivers, passengers, deliverers, renters, or other users, it is important to verify each individual’s identity. When you add mobile ID validation to your registration process, you can confirm the ID is real and run a background check and driving record report. Users of your app are in each other’s cars and home, so verifying user identity will increase safety and give your users peace of mind.

Banks and financial transactions

Many consumers prefer to open bank accounts and apply for loans online. It’s important for financial institutions to verify the customer’s identity when collecting information about them. Mobile ID validation allows you to confirm the ID is real and run OFAC and identity verification checks on the applicant.

Real estate

It’s understandable for a real estate agent to want to know who they are taking around town and into empty houses. This is also true for a multifamily landlord wanting to confirm the identity of potential tenants. IDScan.net client CheckpointID, a leader in mobile ID verification for apartment buildings, is a perfect example of mobile ID validation in the real estate space.

Dating apps

Fake accounts can waste users’ time and decrease their satisfaction with your app. Not to mention, they can be dangerous. Show your customers that you take them and their safety seriously by verifying each individual’s identity when they sign up for your app.

Pre-registration for mobile ID validation

If you manage a secure facility or you’re hosting an event where security is of concern, you can have guests pre-register with their mobile device. If protocol calls for running background checks, you can be sure you’re running it on someone whose ID you have already verified. You can still use ID scanning technology at the entrance, but pre-screening can add another layer of security.

As always, contact a member of our team if you have any questions about adding mobile ID validation to your application.