Texas, Arizona, New Mexico lead the US for catching Fake IDs, IDScan.net’s 2024 Report reveals

IDScan.net's 2024 Fake ID Report has been released

IDScan.net releases its Fake ID 2024 report, compiling proprietary data of 150,000,000 identities

“Fake IDs have a short shelf life of usefulness and become more sophisticated each year. Up-to-date reporting is important. We want to consistently arm our customers with the best decision making data.”— Terry Slattery, IDScan.net CEO

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2024 / EINPresswire.com / — AI-powered age and identity verification technology IDScan.net has published its annual ID Report 2024, analyzing the company’s proprietary data of 150,000,000 identities verified in the US over the last year across their VeriScan and DIVE ID verification platforms. The report is IDScan.net’s second installment, having verified 40,000,000 identities in 2023.

Analyzing more than 600,000 IDs in each state, it’s been found that Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Washington D.C. rank as the top five states where fake IDs are most frequently captured. Ohio, which ranked #1 in IDscan.net’s first report, reduced the prevalence of fake IDs by 50%. At the other end, Missouri, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island ranked in the bottom 5 states for fake ID attempts, with Massachusetts reporting the least for the second year in a row.

The report also reveals a diverse landscape for fake ID usage across the US retail and hospitality sectors, as casinos, bars, and cannabis dispensaries all show varying seasonal risk. Cannabis dispensaries saw 64 fake ID attempts per 1000 customers, the highest figure compared to alcohol and tobacco retailers (49 per 1000), and nightclub customers (33 per 1000), while college bars had a 10-15% fake ID rate year-round.

Retailers for age-restricted goods experience seasonal spikes of fraudulent activity, varying across the industry. For cannabis dispensaries, April saw a significant increase in the number of fake IDs identified on 4/20 and 4/21. Fakes were two-thirds more likely to be flagged in April than in February and March.

Bars and nightclubs experience notable peaks in July and New Year’s Eve respectively. For college bars, the back-to-school period in August and Halloween festivities also represent a significant uptick in fake ID usage. The Halloween trend also impacts Irish bars, with additional activity found across St Patrick’s weekend in March for this nightlife category.

While casinos were found to have been targeted less than liquor venues and dispensaries, data also identifies seasonal trends, with most attempts made in the first few months of the year. Vegas, however, is the exception, with fraudulent ID activity at casinos more frequent across the late summer months.

Analyzing the most prevalent commonalities between fake identity documents, IDScan.net also shares statistics on physical inaccuracies such as mismatched eye color (noted in 22% of fake IDs), incorrect height (31%), and most commonly used age (23 years old). 71% of fake ID attempts are made in-state, with perpetrators twice as likely to be male.

IDScan’s report comes at a challenging time for businesses requiring customer IDs, with stricter enforcement deployed in numerous states.

“Fake ID manufacturers become more clever each year. And fake IDs have a short shelf life of usefulness. That’s why up-to-date reporting is important. We want to consistently arm our customers with the best data for decision making,” said IDScan.net CEO, Terry Slattery.

High-profile cases of successful fake ID purchases have caused significant business impacts in 2024, with closures, fines, and license suspensions rocking US commerce. The proliferation of technologies used to design more robust fake IDs, combined with the diversity of physical and digital verification, proves an ongoing challenge in the retail and hospitality sector. In the last year, IDScan.net’s unique, AI-enabled scanning technologies flagged more than 1,000,000 fake identities.

IDScan.net’s report is available to download here

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