CheckMy Driver, IDScan.net Team Up to Supercharge Auto Transactions

Check My Driver ID verification workflow

Charlotte, NC June 6, 2024 – Modives and IDScan.net today announced a new partnership that tackles fraud and compliance risk for auto dealerships, service centers, and rentals, combining their respective expertise in insurance and ID verification into one powerhouse offering.

As part of this new joint offering, CheckMy Driver, the Modives insurance verification application for auto transactions, connects with IDScan.net’s Digital Identity Verification Engine (DIVE), creating a secure, frictionless process to verify customers’ identity and insurance in real time. 

The collaboration tackles the synthetic identity epidemic, which cost auto lenders an estimated $1.8 billion in the first half of 2023. CheckMy Driver is the only fully automated insurance verification process, providing a frictionless, customer-driven system that eliminates FTC Safeguards Rules compliance violations by removing associated consumer data exposures.

“As we dove into the opportunities for this partnership, it became clear that this is a very natural fit as ID and insurance verification pair well together during auto transactions. Both CheckMy Driver and IDScan.net aim to eliminate fraud and compliance violations through technology and AI, replacing manual processes. Teaming these two capabilities together at the same step creates a result that’s far more valuable than the sum of its parts.”

Modives COO Justin Silver

Through its AI engine, CheckMy Driver goes beyond simply collecting coverage data. CheckMy Driver is the only system that analyzes policies in real time to deliver actual verifications, reducing time wasted manually reviewing dec pages, ID cards, and policy data, reducing friction while also protecting consumer data.

“Fraud and compliance violations during auto transactions are rampant, but addressable with intelligent tools and processes. DIVE and CheckMy Driver feature the only fully-automated verification processes in their respective areas, so we’re very much aligned. Through this partnership with Modives, we’re building a system that makes everything easier and safer, a real win for all sides.”

IDScan.net CEO Terry Slattery

IDScan.net is a pioneer in automated identification validation, verifying 15 million identities each month through its AI-based platform, certifying identity in less than a minute. DIVE catches fake IDs by reading and validating more than 10,700 document varieties from around the world against IDScan.net’s proprietary document library.

IDScan and Modives are debuting their collaboration at the NIADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas on June 17. For more information on the combined effort, please visit CheckMyDriver.ai

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net is an AI-powered identity verification platform powering the ID validation and identity proofing strategies of more than 7,500 global businesses. We focus on outstanding customer experience, data automation, and fraud reduction for high compliance industries. 

About Modives

Modives is the only real-time, automated insurance verification and monitoring process that checks coverage directly with carriers during auto transactions. Its award-winning auto product, CheckMy Driver, accelerates time to sale, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces fraud and compliance risks. For more information or for press inquiries, please contact MediaRelations@Modives.com or visit Modives.com.

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