Fight fraud, increase customer enrollment, and enhance guest experience with a simple scan of an ID

Our ID scanning solutions for retail make it easy to quickly collect vital and accurate customer information, from check-out to returns and for credit card and loyalty application processing.

Store managers, executives, and loss prevention teams rely on’s loss prevention solutions to improve customer interactions and protect stores, employees, and assets.

Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

Decrease or eliminate fraudulent transactions and credit card enrollment by simply scanning a customer’s ID at check-out, when accepting returns, and applying for credit cards:

  • Prevent fraudulent credit card transactions by instantly verifying and validating a customer’s identity

  • Maintain records of customers who make returns without receipts

  • Verify age and catch fake IDs

  • Store and share real-time and historical customer data across multiple locations

  • Track and manage vendor activity, in-store and in the warehouse

Enhance Customer Experience

Increase customer participation by streamlining loyalty enrollment and credit card application processes:

  • Reduce wait times by auto-populating customer applications with accurate information in seconds

  • Authenticate I.D.s against security and third-party checks in real time

  • Track customer purchase habits to make personalized product recommendations and offers

  • Check customer identity and ID validity when applying for credit cards to prevent identity theft

Practical Applications and Use Cases

Here are some common applications of our technology used in retail.

This is just one use-case for our ID scanning solution. We can cater to many different industries.

Need Help Identifying Your Solution? is an AI-powered identity verification platform. We are unique among ID scanning software providers because we use machine learning to perform ID authentication, not just static templates.

More than 6,500 companies use solutions built on our platform, including our autopopulation tool, WizzForms, and our visitor management system, VeriScan, as well as custom and bespoke solutions built by our team of industry experts. Additionally, hundreds of developers use our APIs and SDKs to create and power their own applications.

Our customers value our deep knowledge of ID scanning compliance and laws across the country, and ability to use our expertise to translate real world use cases into elegant, useable software, as well as our friendly, accessible customer support for clients of all sizes.

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