ID Scanning for Retail

Fight return fraud, chargeback fraud, BOPUS fraud, and verify age with ID scanning for retail stores.

AI-powered fraud protection for retail businesses

We offer flexible, ID scanning solutions that help protect physical and digital retailers from identity fraud

ID Scanning For Loss Prevention & Fraud Reduction

Store managers, executives, and loss prevention teams rely on’s loss prevention solutions to improve customer interactions and protect stores, employees, and assets.

ID Scanner for Bars

Retailers can prevent fraudulent credit card transactions and returns at check-out as well as fraudulent credit card applications through identity verification.

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Prevent Fraud & Identity Theft

Catch fraudulent credit card transactions at checkout, making large purchases safer. And stop return fraud in its tracks by requiring ID scanning at your retail location.

Deter fraud by requiring ID scanning for returns
Share data across all your store locations to track prolific fraudsters
Track each guest’s return history and set alerts if the customer reaches the thresholds you deem problematic
Better manage vendors and catch discrepancies in deliveries early and quickly with detailed logs.
Timestamp each transaction for an easy audit of who was on premises at a particular time
Empower store managers and loss prevention teams to share critical real-time data amongst stores
Check customer information against third party databases such as the DMV for high-dollar purchases.
Better, advanced reporting sync’d to your store’s key systems for real-time insight
The mere presence of an ID scanner often is enough to deter criminals and bad actors.

ID Scanning for Liquor & Vape Stores

Many states are now restricting the purchase of ecigarettes and tobacco products, or requiring digital ID scanning before these products can be istributed.

We offer simply, affordable all-in-one solutions to allow liquor stores, vape stores, and convenience stores to easily verify customer age. and stay compliant with state laws.

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ID Scanners for Age Verification

If you sell tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, or other age-restricted products, our age verification tools can help you keep 21+ products out of the hands of minors.

Comply with state regulations

Many states require digital ID scanning for age-restricted purchases

Affirmative Defense

13 states have affirmative defense laws, which mean that if you scanned the customer’s ID, you’re not liable, even if they’re found to be underage.

Flexible Handheld Scanning

Our mobile scanning solutions work on powerful, handheld ID scanners and mobile devices, making it easy to scan customers on the go.

Ban Visitors With Ease

Set alerts if a Banned Individual attempts to complete a purchase.

Enhance The Customer Experience

Increase customer participation by streamlining loyalty enrollment and credit card application processes

Instantly Check Age

Simply scan the ID and check the individual’s information instantly. Take the guesswork out of age verification.

No Typos

Clean, accurate customer data is parsed into your system, every time.

Perform Third Party Checks

Automatically run IDs against banned lists, sex offender registry, and other third-party databases all in real-time.

Need help choosing an ID scanning for retail solution?

Our turnkey team has worked with mom and pop retailers as well as big box stores to help them implement affordable, flexible ID scanning solutions.

Retail ID Scanning Updates

ID scanning & identity verification insights tailored to the retail industry.