ID Scanner For Hotels

Expedite guest check-in and reduce fraud and chargebacks with a hotel ID scanner.

Improve the guest arrival at your hotel with a front desk ID scanner

With an ID scanner for hotels, hospitality businesses are able to capture guest data quickly and accurately, and reduce chargebacks and human error

ID Scanner for Bars

More than 1,000 hotels, motels, hostels, and vacation rentals around the world use our solutions to scan IDs and expedite check-in.

Front Desk ID Scanner

Match the customer in front of you to a reservation in your database.

  • Scan any ID or international passport to query your PMS system
  • Check in each guest in a matter of seconds
  • Capture high-resolution images of the guest using a crop of their ID photo
  • Perform ID authentication to prevent identity theft and deter fraudsters

Fast and Easy Hotel Check-In

An ID scanner for hotels will save your team time and hassle by automating much of the data entry for each guest. Ensure accurate data that flows seamlessly into your PMS or reservation system. Our data automation software, WizzForms can be configured into all commercially available, Windows-based PMS systems.

Auto-populate guest information directly into your PMS with the scan of an ID or passport
Capture guest information with 100% accuracy in seconds
Query and update existing guest reservations in your PMS
Verify guest age for alcohol purchases at the hotel bar, or in-room
Check guest IDs against your DNR list
Prevent chargebacks and fraud by capturing the ID scan with a date stamp and time stamp
Ingest cropped image of the ID for easy, visual recall of a particular guest
Link guest data to their credit card information to track guest history

ID Scanner For Hotels | Start Scanning Today

We offer full compatibility with Cloudbeds PMS, or easy integration into your existing PMS system

Need help choosing an ID scanner for your hotel?

Our turnkey team has worked with hotels around the world to help them select the best ID scanning solution for their needs.

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