IDScan.net to bring ID authentication and data automation to users of check scanners from Digital Check Corp.

DigitalCheck SmartSource scanner now compatible with ID scanning software

SmartSource® Check Scanners Can Now Be Used to Scan Drivers Licenses, Detect Fake IDs, and Parse Data Directly Into Bank Teller Platforms

“We already power remote identity proofing solutions for a number of banks and FIs and are excited to present a solution to the market that will similarly secure their in-person transactions.”

— Terry Slattery, CEO

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2023 — As part of an ongoing commitment to innovation, IDScan.net has announced compatibility of its ID scanning software, ParseLink, and identity proofing solution with Digital Check’s SmartSource® check scanners. ID scanning and identity proofing capabilities will be available with SmartSource teller check scanners.

Banks, credit unions, and other institutions who accept checks use technology such as Digital Check’s SmartSource EliteTM line of check scanners to digitize check processing. Using IDScan.net ParseLink, tellers will be able to use the same process to read and parse drivers licenses and ID cards and automatically capture an image of the ID. ParseLink works by reading and decoding the data stored in the 2D barcode on the back of the ID.

Customers will have the option to simply read the IDs and send data into their teller system or perform ID validation that identifies anomalies in the 2D barcode and queries a third-party source to assess the legitimacy of the document. This solution is capable of identifying the majority of fake IDs and is a powerful tool for preventing incidents of identity fraud and resulting fraudulent withdrawals, such as recent incidents in Oklahoma and Indiana.

“Economic pressures such as unemployment and inflation are typically correlated with an increase in fraud attempts. We already power remote identity proofing solutions for a number of banks and FIs and are excited to present a solution to the market that will similarly secure their in-person transactions,” said IDScan.net CEO Terry Slattery. “Tellers and bankers can easily, instantly verify the identity of anyone in their branch using ParseLink with a Digital Check SmartSource scanner.”

In addition to improved in-branch security by detecting fake IDs, the ParseLink software will auto-populate data from the ID into key banking platforms, eliminating manual entry of fields such as name, date of birth, and address. It also offers the ability to instantly capture an image of the ID, removing the manual step of photocopying the customer’s ID. Data automation and automatic image capture will save teller time, and eliminate typos and fat fingers when entering crucial information. ParseLink is currently compatible with all major Windows-based teller software systems and requires no additional hardware. Customers can license and install a lightweight middleware solution to enable their ID scanning using their existing SmartSource check scanners.

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions who are interested in adding ID scanning and data automation to their teller lanes can do the workflow we select here. The full solution will be debuted at the private Jack Henry Connect 2023 Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana in October but is available to demo now.

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