unveils facial recognition solution

Biometric tech detects, identifies, and verifies visitors


NEW ORLEANS (July 27, 2018) — A newly-released Facial Recognition Solution by allows users to detect, identify, and verify individuals on and around their premises using a cutting-edge human analytics platform. Through computer vision and machine learning, the technology can recognize and measure people in any video, image, or photo.

“This solution is valuable in a wide variety of applications, from security to visitor management to customer service,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO of “Imagine an automated video camera constantly scanning the faces of people in or around your venue to tell you who they are. This will completely revolutionize operations.”‘s facial recognition solution works by finding faces, analyzing them to ascertain their features and demographics, and verifying their identities against facial data already imported into the system. The technology can also assess people’s emotions, such as joy or anxiety.

A broad range of industries are using facial recognition for a variety of purposes. Most commonly, the solution is used for access control and visitor management. A camera reads visitors faces as they approach an access control point, such as an automated door or reception desk. The solution then validates the person’s facial features against biometric data previously loaded into the system. With dual factor authentication, their facial biometrics can be cross referenced with a form of ID to verify the person’s identity as they approach the access control point.

The true power and potential of the solution is showcased when used for real-time watchlist detection. A camera scans crowds to read people’s faces, verify their identities, and run their information against watchlists, such as the sex offender registry or an internal “banned” list.

Imagine what this means for crowded venues like casinos, shopping malls, and stadiums. Knowing who is on your property can vastly improve security while also greatly enhancing customer experience,” said Petrov.  

Beyond security, facial recognition offers a number of business benefits, including the ability to automatically identify a VIP customer immediately, to enrich the customer relationship with personalized data, and to detect repeat visitors and access their visit histories. offers its Facial Recognition Solution in a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of different clients, including an out-of-the-box version and enterprise options. It is free to test and tiered to scale with customer growth.

“Unfortunately, these kinds of technologies have historically been complex, expensive, and ultimately out of reach for most,” said Petrov. “Our solution can be integrated into our customers’ products simply with a few lines of code.”

The solution can be paired with‘s popular VeriScan cloud computing software, which allows users to scan IDs from virtually anywhere in the world. Within a second and with 100% accuracy, the data from the ID are captured and vetted. The information is then stored in a sophisticated online dashboard that can provide statistics and actionable reports.

As with all of‘s solutions, the Facial Recognition Solution can be hosted on‘s secure cloud as well as on internally-hosted private cloud networks.

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