Identity tech company,, to debut cannabis vending machine at MJBizCon 2022 team in front of age restricted vending machine at MJBizCon

The unattended retail solution features embedded age verification and face match technology.’s new cannabis vending machine will debut at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, the world’s largest cannabis industry conference, in November.

Its age-restricted vending (ARV) features a 43-inch touchscreen, room for up to 450 individually packaged cannabis products, and a robotic interior manufactured by FastCorp Vending.’s cannabis vending machine overcomes a primary hurdle of age and identity verification. By integrating an ID authentication device, the machine is able to detect nearly 98% of fake IDs. And, by using a high-resolution webcam and proprietary anti-spoofing software, the machine matches the purchaser to the image on the ID. Because of the system’s high degree of accuracy, no attendant is required to dispense age-restricted products, and the entire process can be completed in less than 15 seconds.

In addition to age verification powered by, the machine also has Thru Solutions’ inventory management software and purchasing interface. Checkout and payment processing is performed using a MagTek DynaFlex Pro, which supports swipe, chip insert, and tap payments for cannabis products. MagTek’s Magensa Decrypt and Forward Gateway service is being used to provide point-to-point encryption for sensitive data.

ARV is rated for outdoor use and does not require Wi-Fi.

ARV will be on display in’s booth #2319 on-site at MJBizCon, November 16-18 in Las Vegas. Conference attendees will be able to test the machine by scanning their ID. Although the machine won’t be dispensing cannabis at the conference, it will be dispensing fun swag from as well as other contributors to the machine’s technology.

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