IDScan.net launches fingerprint scanning to .EFT Files – Makes gun purchases faster, safer

Screenshot of the ATF website for submitting electronic fingerprints

Security concerns around gun purchases are at an all time high, but gun sales have continued to soar since the early days of the pandemic. Identity verification platform, IDScan.net has announced the launch of their new livescan fingerprinting to .EFT file tool, which creates full sets of digital fingerprints in just minutes.

10-roll fingerprints are standard for the purchase of weapons regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA). This includes weapons with modified barrels, machine guns, silencers, and explosives. Historically, all fingerprinting has been done with ink and paper, on an FD-258 form, and manually inspected against agency databases.

However, in December, 2021, the ATF announced their new eFile portal was equipped to handle electronic fingerprint transmission (.EFT) files., removing the necessity of traditional inkpads and cardstock. Using .EFT files helps simplify and streamline the onerous process of legal weapons purchasing, which can help decrease demand for black market weapons and “ghost guns.”

“When wait times for processing applications are a year or more, you will naturally have people try and circumvent gun shops and legal pathways to gun ownership. We hope that by providing affordable access to the tools needed to create .EFT files we can reduce the loads on the processors at the ATF and FBI.” According to the ATF’s Current Processing Times, use of digital fingerprints will radically reduce processing times from 14+ months to as little as 60 days.

IDScan.net VP of Engineering, Joshua Sheetz

Although the ATF’s portal was set up to accept .EFT files, few providers had the hardware and software necessary to livescan fingerprints. IDScan.net’s solution, VeriScan Fingerprinting is the first on-premises solution that provides instant feedback as each print is captured and allows for saving as both a PDF and .EFT file. Gun shops, gun shows, and other entities who wish to provide fingerprinting will purchase a biometric ID scanner, and a subscription license allowing for creation of unlimited .EFT files.

While the VeriScan Fingerprint Scanning solution still supports scan-to-print on FD-258 cardstock, the IDScan.net team expects that .EFT file creation will be the major driver of adoption.

Stores and retailers can contact IDScan.net for purchase of a fingerprint scanning solution, while prospective firearms purchasers can reach out to locate the livescan fingerprinting agency with .EFT capabilities nearest them.

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net is a leading developer of identity verification and information-gathering technologies. With a mission of creating a safer and smarter world, the company has enhanced environments and experiences for over 6,000 clients including IBM, Shell, AMC Theaters, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Dave & Busters, and many more of the world’s most trusted brands.

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