Gentlemen’s clubs thrive with IDScan.net’s age verification, visitor management tech

Gentlemen's Club Flyer from IDScan.net

IDScan.net to showcase solutions at Gentlemen’s Clubs Expo Aug. 11-14 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (August 7, 2019)

IDScan.net, a leading developer of identity verification and information gathering technologies, will be showcasing the newest innovations in ID verification and visitor management at the annual Gentlemen’s Clubs Expo on Aug. 11-14 in Las Vegas.  Clubs interested in one-on-one demonstrations are encouraged to schedule meetings by emailing info@IDScan.net or visiting the company’s website.  

“Our solutions improve club operations and security, reduce liability, fight chargebacks, and increase bottom lines,” said Denis Petrov, the CEO of IDScan.net. “We offer solutions for clubs of all sizes. Our technology is robust, but it’s also accessible- even facial recognition.”

IDScan.net offers a variety of enterprise and off-the-shelf solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the entertainment, nightlife, and hospitality industry. With the most robust parsing engine on the market, they can capture and verify the data on any government-issued ID within seconds and with 100 percent accuracy. These automated solutions allow clubs and bars to process guests quickly while reducing liability by spotting fake IDs and verifying patrons’ ages. 

Petrov says that the benefits of IDScan.net’s solutions extend far beyond improving security and compliance- they can dramatically improve marketing and the customer experience too.

“Sure, our solutions help clubs process guests quickly and protect their licenses by spotting fake IDs and identifying people on ‘banned’ lists, but the benefits don’t stop there. With our cloud-based, mobile solutions coupled with a powerful online dashboard, clubs can instantly and automatically know valuable information about their customers. This information can be used for marketing and to enhance the customer experience. The bottom line is it means more customers and happier customers,” he said.

A number of leading clubs are using IDScan.net’s facial recognition add-on, which uses small video cameras to identify patrons as they approach access points. Once a face or ID has been entered, that person will no longer need to stop to have their ID or face scanned. The solution automatically recognizes that person’s face and pulls up their ID, along with any comments, such as banned or VIP, when they come on to the premises. 

Also on display at IDScan.net’s booth will be the latest in mobile ID scanning, the TOUGHBOOK T1 and TOUGHBOOK N1 from Panasonic. The two rugged devices can scan most North American drivers’ licenses, as well as passports from across the world. When paired with IDScan.net’s software, the solution is ideal for clubs looking to greet guests from around the world at the door and get them checked in seamlessly.

All the data collected through IDScan.net’s solutions can be accessed on our cloud-based dashboard by any authorized staff at any time. That means multiple venues at different locations can access the data in real time. This is especially useful to franchises. 

IDScan.net’s solutions also combat a perennial problem for clubs: chargebacks. ID scans can deliver a time-stamped image of the ID along with a custom agreements that patrons must sign for larger purchases, such as bottle service. This evidence makes winning chargeback fights much easier.