Use our IdentiFraud identity verification API to check against dozens of lists for the deepest understanding of each customer.

IdentiFraud Data Sources

We check 10+ data sources with each query. The data within these data sources is cross-referenced during each verification request to enhance accuracy and the results are returned to your application as a single JSON response.

Social Security Administration

We query the SSA to perform identity confirmation against national government databases.

Credit Bureaus

Soft pull to confirm identity with major credit agencies such as Equifax and Experian.

Utility Records

We check national utility records such as power, gas, and water to confirm customer address.

Telecom Records

We check phone and internet service contracts and records to confirm customer address.

USPS Address Match

We integrate with the Post Office database of address history and mail records.

UN Sanction Lists

We check identity against lists such as OFAC, EU Sanctions, Office of Foreign Asset Control and more.

How To Integrate IdentiFraud

We offer the ability to add on optional IdentiFraud identity checks to several of our products

Digital Identity Verification

Utilize our digital identity verification product to validate IDs, and confirm identity, on users’ mobile devices. Add IdentiFraud as an added layer on some or all verifications to confirm the data against multiple sources and greatly reduce the opportunity for fraud.


For users of our VeriScan ID Scanning and Visitor Management platform, you can enable IdentiFraud checks on some or all of your ID scans. The add-on is a great way to perform an additional validation on IDs scanned via mobile device, where full authentication is not possible.

VeriScan Mobile Screen

Integrated Into Your Tech

Add IdentiFraud checks by working directly with our IdentiFraud API inside your own software tools and applications. Our developer tools offer robust documentation and engineering support to allow you to add any third party check to your technology with ease.

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Other Third Party Checks Available Via API

Integrate a variety of queries to third party databases via our web services API.

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