ID Scanning For Mac

Scan IDs using iPhone and iPad devices, manage settings and data on the cloud on any device.

ID Scanning & Visitor Management for Mac

Mac and iOS users still have the opportunity to experience the benefits of integrated, powerful ID scanning

VeriScan Features & Tiers for Mac

All license tiers come with ID scanning, age verification, access to a robust visitor management system.

$33/mo or $350/yr$60/mo or $650/yr$120/mo or $1300/yr
Scan 2D barcodes (PDF417) all government issued IDs and passports
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Save and manage visitor profiles
Scan offline without WiFi access5 days14 days14 days
Utilize standard lists (Banned, VIP, Trespassed)
Add multiple document types (ID, passport) to a single customer profile
Use VeriScan on handheld devices for portable ID scanning
Capture and view images on your device
Single-device only
Access the VeriScan Cloud portal to run reports, manage settings, and view/export history
Create and manage custom lists (Loyalty Member, Chargebacks, etc.)
Set up notifications via email or SMS
Sync profiles and scans between multiple ID scanning devices
Integrate third party checks (Sex Offender, DMV, OFAC, etc.)iPad onlyiPad only
Custom PII retention settings (by field, for X days, no retention) to meet compliance standards
Settings Profiles at the account level, to manage different state-level regulations across multiple locations and devices
Add agreements, waivers, and badge creation to your workflow
View captured images on the VeriScan Cloud portal
Access webhooks for integration into your other technology systems
Create custom fields for your visitor profilesiPad only
Print badges using AirPrint

VeriScan for iOS

Our iOS app uses the camera on your iPhone to read and parse IDs and passports.

What is VeriScan for iOS?

VeriScan for iOS is our iPhone version of our VeriScan age verification and visitor management software. It was first launched in 2009. Unlike VeriScan for Android or our desktop VeriScan solutions, it uses camera scanning to use the native iPhone camera to read and parse the ID or passport. It requires iOS 11 or later.

Can VeriScan for iOS catch fake IDs?

Yes. Our iOS app uses the same ID parsing and 2D barcode security technology as all of our VeriScan products. It detects anomalies in the ID’s barcode which can catch between 50 and 60% of fake IDs. However, it cannot perform ID authentication.

What is 2D barcode security?

VeriScan Premium and Enterprise have 2D barcode security checks that catch fake IDs which have suspicious “tells” in their 2D barcode. We perform more than 75 algorithmic checks on each ID’s barcode, looking at size, fields, field order, and field formatting.

When compared against other popular industry apps, VeriScan catches a much higher percentage of fake IDs, and parses data more accurately.

Which types of IDs can be scanned using VeriScan?

VeriScan for iOS works with all government-issued IDs which contain a barcode. It can reliably scan IDs from all 50 states and Canadian provinces. It can also scan passports and other identity documents which utilize MRZ symbology.

VeriScan Authentication Failed Result Screenshot

VeriScan for iPad

VeriScan for iPad offers a tablet-based ID scanning experience with age verification and visitor management.

What VeriScan features are available on the ipad?

VeriScan customers who use iPads have access to the same suite of VeriScan for handheld features as users of our iOS app, but with the benefits of a larger viewport to make signatures, agreements, and waivers easier to use.

How does the ipad scan the iD?

The software uses the built-in camera on the iPad to read and parse the data on the ID or passport. No additional hardware is required.

Can you use ID authentication with a handheld ID scanner?

No. An iPad is not capable of performing these robust checks to truly put an image through its paces. If you need to reliably confirm identity using a handheld scanner we recommend adding third party checks which will query databases such as the DMV, Sex Offender Registry, and IdentiFraud.

VeriScan Cloud Portal

With VeriScan Premium and above, all your ID scans are automatically synced to your secure, administrative portal where you can run reports, export data, and set up PII and data retention settings.

What information can be saved to the cloud portal?

VeriScan is capable of capturing any information stored in the 2D barcode or MRZ. You can also add custom fields (VeriScan Enterprise only) to enhance each customer profile. You can also capture the picture from the ID or the in-person visit (VeriScan Enterprise only) using the device’s camera feature if you want to enrich the profile with a visual.

how do i change which pii i collect?

The portal offers a centralized location for creating your data retention profile. You can select which fields you want to store, and for what length of time You can then disseminate this profile out to be used by all or some of your devices.

How long is data retained inside VeriScan?

You can set custom data retention settings inside your VeriScan instance. You can flush PII immediately, or retain for set lengths of time. Data is uploaded to a secure cloud portal – even if the device is stolen, your customers’ information is secure.

What reports can I run inside the portal?

You can run reports on any piece of data from an ID – zip code, city, state, age, gender – to provide rich demographic data.

Readable Fields From An ID

The following are a list of available fields, which can be parsed from commonly issued drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs using an iPhone or iPad camera.

First Name
Last Name
Middle Name / Middle Initial
Street Address
Zip Code
Issue Date
Hair Color
Eye Color
License Class
Expiration Date
ID Number

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VeriScan Mobile Apps – ID Scanning for iOS and Android

Download our easy-to-use mobile applications available on iOS and Android. Note – specialty hardware is required for best-in-class fake ID detection.

Google Play Store

ID scanning hardware is not typically compatible with MacOS.

Want to add ID scanning to your existing application?

We offer VeriScan whitelabeling – launch your own ID scanning app in days! Or access our ID scanning, ID parsing, and ID authentication developer tools to add identity verification to your product or technology.


Add ID scanning to your checkout process for age-restricted products.

Customer onboarding

Verify customer identity before they open an account or apply for credit.

Fraud reduction

Put speed bumps in place to deter fraudsters using identity checks

Third party checks

Query databases like the DMV or OFAC/PEP in your tech workflows.