The iMag Pro II has been discontinued | Here are our top 3 replacement recommendations

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:23 pm

It was announced last year that the popular IDTECH iMag Pro II would be discontinued. This product was a favorite of businesses needing a quick and easy card reading solution, but what happens now? With nationwide stores of this product being depleted, including our own, here are other potential solutions that could work as a replacement for the iMag Pro II.


imag pro ii

This 3 in 1 card reader is boasted as the most robust mobile reader on the market. The device has USB-C and Apple lightning connectors, both male and female ends, for easy use with both Apple and Android devices. If you prefer a wireless approach, you’re in luck because the VP3350 also has bluetooth capabilities making it a truly comprehensive option. Are you still looking for a more traditional method? Well, lucky for you, it can also be integrated into a countertop stand for quick and easy use.

The IDTECH VP3350 supports all forms of contactless payment including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and supports a variety of loyalty programs. Other important features to note are the battery life, size and smart card reader quality. The battery can last anywhere from 400-800 transactions (depending on the type) on a single charge and the smart card reader can handle a whopping 500,000 transactions. The size is also convenient to note, as it is only 2.6×2.8×0.5 inches, making it the perfect compact solution for your business. 

iDynamo 5

imag pro ii

The iDynamo 5 (2nd Generation) is another great solution for those needing to complete digital transactions. This reader is built specifically for iOS, which makes it a shortcoming for Android users, but for those with iOS, the reader now uses a USB-C cable. It is compatible with a slew of iOS devices going all the way back to the iPhone 6. Along with its localized payment capture, it can also be integrated into multiple POS systems. 

The durability of this device is the main selling point. The rugged design is meant to withstand rough treatment. Another feature to note is that this device is not battery powered, thus you do not need to charge it. In lieu of a battery, the iDynamo 5 draws its power directly from the device it is connected to.  If you need to charge your device while the iDynamo 5 is plugged in, there is a USB-C port on the back of the reader that can be used. 

iDynamo 6

imag pro ii

The newest model in the Magtek fleet, the iDynamo 6 is an all encompassing solution. It supports magstripe, EMV (contact and contactless, and NFC contactless transactions. In addition, the iDynamo 6 is also compatible with Apple Pay, ExpressPay, Google Pay, and more. 

The design is also more sleek than its predecessor, but that isn’t the only upgrade. The newer model now has adapters so that it is compatible with both iOS and Android, whereas the previous was only compatible with the former. Another new feature is the battery pack option. Where the last model was only powered by the device it was being used on, this device now allows for a rechargeable battery pack when needed, with the option of it being charged from the device. So, as long as the iDynamo 6 is receiving enough power from a power source, it will function properly. 

As disappointing as it is when a beloved product is discontinued, it allows new and possibly even better options to be discovered and explored. is working to get the best replacement options stocked so that you need look no further for a replacement. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team, who are always happy to assist with your replacement for the iMag Pro II.