Panasonic to discontinue the TOUGHBOOK line, leave Android market

Panasonic FZN1 ID scanner with IDs and passports.

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 04:01 pm

A few weeks ago, we received news that Panasonic was planning to make substantial changes to their ID scanning hardware lineup, including the TOUGHBOOK line. Our team internally began planning for these changes, while awaiting official word from our contacts in the Panasonic HQ. Panasonic confirmed publicly today that its entire Android portfolio, including the FZ-N1 TOUGHBOOK handheld ID scanner will be discontinued.

The N1 has been a staple of the IDScan.net handheld scanning portfolio for some time and is a favorite of bars, nightclubs, casinos, and dispensaries due to its durability. It has been one of our best-selling products for more than two years, and we have many clients who have standardized operations around this portable ID scanner.

We want to reassure our clients of our continued commitment to supporting their ID scanning needs, and provide some guidance on next steps for N1 owners.

When will the TOUGHBOOK be officially discontinued?

Panasonic will take its final orders for manufacturing runs of the N1 TOUGHBOOK ID scanner in Summer 2023.

Software support will continue through August 2027.

Hardware and parts support will continue through August 2029.

Will VeriScan continue working on the N1?

Absolutely. You will not experience any changes in service on your existing Panasonic scanner.

Is the warranty on my N1 still valid?

Yes. Your manufacturer’s warranty and any extended warranties you purchased are still valid and will be honored.

Will more Panasonic N1’s be available to purchase?

Panasonic has committed to a final production run of FZN1 TOUGHBOOK line scanners. If you are looking to purchase a backup unit or two, we highly recommend placing an order now with your Account Rep, or through the IDScan.net store. Your N1 order will be added to IDScan.net’s larger bulk purchase, which will ensure you are part of the final production run, and receive an additional scanner.

What alternative handheld scanners do you recommend?

Currently, we are recommending the Unitech PA768 handheld ID scanner.

It can perform all the same functions as the N1 unit, at a lower price point. You can compare all of the handheld ID scanners we offer on our Compare ID Scanner page.