Overview of the Unitech PA768

Unitech PA768 handheld ID scanner

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 03:21 pm

With the sunset of the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1, the Unitech PA768 has become the best-in-class device for ID scanning in high-volume environments. 

Size & screen

The Unitech PA768 features a 6.3″ Color LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 (FHD+), this device offers a vibrant and immersive visual experience. The high sunlight visibility ensures clear readability even in bright outdoor environments. With the LCD backlight reaching up to 500nits, you can enjoy enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

ID scanning using the PA768

End users will thank you because of the PA768’s extremely intuitive auto-focus laser scanner, which boasts the largest physical scanning range of any handheld ID scanner. The ID can be held as close as 3” from the laser, or as far as 3 feet. The scanner automatically detects the presence of a barcode or MRZ and initiates the scanning process. 

Legacy handhelds typically required more precise centering of the ID, holding it a consistent distance away from the device, and took several seconds to initiate each scan. 

One difference to note is the angle of the laser scanner. On the IDWare9000 the scanner is parallel to the screen of the device. On the Panasonic N1 the scanner is at a roughly 45 degree angle. On the Unitech PA768 the scanner is completely perpendicular to the screen, meaning you will hold the ID directly below the device, instead of pointing the device at the document. 

Battery life

The Unitech PA768 ID Scanner particularly excels in its longevity. 

  • The standard battery will last for 12-16 hours of high volume scanning if set to medium brightness. This is roughly 50-100% more than any other handheld ID scanner
  • The extra large battery provides up to 24 hours of continuous usage
  • Thanks to USB 3.1 fast charging, the battery charges exceptionally quickly and can reach a 50% recharge in as little as 20 minutes. It requires roughly 2 hours for a full recharge 


Unitech certifies that the PA768 complies with MIL-STD 810H standards for drop rating, providing assurance of its durability against accidental drops and impacts. Moreover, Unitech states that the device has achieved IP65 and IP67 ratings for water resistance per IEC 60529, demonstrating its suitability for use in demanding environments without compromising performance.

Unitech includes a 1-year standard warranty with their products covering manufacturer defects on the PA768, and all Unitech accessories, with a turnaround time of 5 business days. There is a comprehensive warranty covering accidental damage and normal wear and tear, up to three years, with an optional “fast turnaround” time of 48 hours. Outside of the warranty period, they offer fixed cost repairs and replacement parts on all their products and accessories for an additional 5 years after the product is no longer being manufactured.

Operating system

The Unitech PA768 stands out as a superior choice among smartphones because it operates on Android 12.0, a significant upgrade from scanners using older firmware. This ensures better security through regular updates that promptly address vulnerabilities and bugs. With ongoing support, the Unitech PA768 offers a reliable and secure user experience, making it the preferred option for those who value continuous software updates and long-term peace of mind.


The PA768 is the latest, most modern handheld ID scanner on the market today. Manufactured by Unitech, it provides a widescreen interface, and Android 12.0 operating system for ultra-fast processing, rapid scan time, and up to 24 hours of battery life even in continuous use.

We are thrilled to exclusively offer this device to IDScan.net customers.