New York Bill A02045 | Accepting NYC ID cards as proof of age

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Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:45 pm

Headquarters of the United Nations, New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world. With over 800 language dialects spoken in the city, and the welcoming acceptance of different cultures, New York City is where many immigrants come to live the “American Dream.” Seeing as the legalization process often takes many years after immigration, many New York City residents might not have a traditional United States ID; thus, we come to New York Bill A02045.

What is New York Bill A02045?

New York Bill A02045 would require all establishments and other businesses in New York to accept New York City Identification Cards as valid written evidence of age or identification. The bill states that the intent is to allow all consenting adults who only have access to an NYC Identification Card to purchase all merchandise that have age restrictions.

The way the current state liquor law is written, New York City Identification Cards are not accepted as valid forms of identification or age verification. This new language would enable all adults over the legal age to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or other age restricted products.

What is a New York City identification card?

This is a free identification card that covers individuals from all five boroughs, regardless of immigration status. It is offered to all individuals 10 years of age and older. The New York City Identification Card can be obtained by any member of the community including the homeless, youth, undocumented immigrants, and the formerly incarcerated. The card is beneficial, confidential, and most importantly, easily accessible to everyone in New York City – no exclusions.

What we know about New York Bill A02045?

New York Bill A02045 is still early in the legislative process. The bill was sponsored by Assembly Assistant Majority leader Charles D. Fall. There is not much information online about where they are in the voting process. All we know as of present is that the Bill was referred to the cities on 01/31/2023.

While there is minimal information on when or if New York City Identification Cards will be accepted as a form of identification and age verification, we are monitoring closely for any updates. Be sure to check in regularly with all New York ID Scanning Laws or contact a member of our team should you have any other questions. We will be sure to update our respective pages as soon as we have more information.