Nevada Bill AB342 | Third party checks for age verification

Kenny Peddicord testifying on behalf of Nevada cannabis dispensaries

Last updated on March 19th, 2024 at 02:47 pm

Today, our Director of Cannabis Business, Kenny Peddicord, provided public testimony in opposition to Nevada Bill 342.

We are sharing the text of that testimony below in an effort to be as transparent as possible with our Nevada cannabis industry partners, and our Nevada cannabis customers. We oppose this bill for many reasons, but largely because we understand Nevada dispensaries to be among the most diligent in the nation, working under some of the country’s strictest age verification laws. We don’t agree with additional, restrictive laws, that are simply designed to line our competitor’s wallets by making you pay for every ID that is scanned.

IDScan.net’s opposition to Nevada Bill AB342

We are the long-term age verification provider for more than 75% of Nevada dispensaries. 

According to our most recent data review, performed this week across our clientbase of Nevada dispensaries, roughly 2% of IDs presented at Nevada dispensaries are flagged as potentially fraudulent. But I want to emphasize that they are flagged.

The State of Nevada already requires digital ID scanning, and has already set a standard that protects minors, catching 95-98% of fake IDs using high-resolution, multi-wavelength document authentication. The current requirements include not-only scanning of the 2D barcode, which can catch roughly 50% of fakes, but also UV/IR light, hologram examination, and watermark examination (ID authentication).

AB342 is a solution searching for a problem that doesn’t exist. 

In addition, the method of age verification proposed in AB342 (checks against a third party database) is an inferior method of age verification as compared to document authentication:

  • Current public record databases of issued IDs, such as DMV databases through the American Association of Motor Vehicles, do not include all states. Large states such as California and New York do not participate in open database sharing. Any company that purports to have access to a 50-state database of current, valid IDs, is being misleading. 
  • There are no commercially available databases of internationally-issued IDs. Given Nevada’s popularity as a destination for international tourism, dispensaries must be able to verify age using international passports.
  • Checks against a third party database have a per-scan cost. Nevada dispensaries are collectively scanning hundreds of thousands of IDs on a weekly basis – per scan fees will be an undue financial burden on these small businesses, without actually improving the safety of minors.
  • Third party checks require an internet connection and will not work offline.

95-98% of fake IDs can already be detected under the current NCCB guidelines. Switching to a model that requires querying a third-party database introduces many gaps and challenges in coverage, both with US IDs, and in particular with international documents, as well as PII and privacy risks.

AB342 is not in the best interest of the state, does nothing to improve dispensary security or the safety of minors, and is simply a lobbyist push to create a more favorable regulatory environment for their client. 

Next steps on Bill AB342

Although we are confident that Bill AB342 will, at minimum, be reworked, we believe the more voices in opposition, the better!

We recommend taking a few minutes to note your opposition on the Nevada Legislature website and/or contacting the sponsors of the bill. 

Assemblyman Brian Hibbets

Brian.Hibbetts@asm.state.nv.us | (775) 684-8853 

Assemblyman Toby Yurek

Toby.Yurek@asm.state.nv.us | (775) 684-8857 

Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy

Melissa.Hardy@asm.state.nv.us  | (775) 684-8823 

Watch the full Assembly Judiciary Committee Meeting

Contact us with your thoughts

Reach out to our team at marley@idscan.net any time to let us know your thoughts on Nevada AB342.