Does Texas have a mobile app for drivers license?

Texas TxT app screenshots

State of mobile ID in Texas

Status: Legalized, in progress

Texas has recently legalized digital IDs, however the status of the Texas mobile ID is unknown. It is unclear whether they will partner with an established app like ID in Apple Wallet, or will embed the feature within their existing state DMV app, TXT, where Texans can already remotely renew their drivers license and car registration.

Texas HB 71

In May 2023, the state passed HB 71, a bill which legalizes use of “digital identification.” Section 526.0102 states that the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will establish a program for the issuance of this digital identification. Among the program outlined in the bill:

  • Acquisition of a mobile application that displays digital ID information on a mobile device
  • Verification protocols
  • Must work offline
  • Will have a companion tool for law enforcement

The Texas mobile ID must be live no later than February 1, 2025.

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