Tennessee considers mobile driver’s licenses

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State of mDLs in Tennessee

Status: N/A

Currently, Tennessee does not offer a digital ID, nor has it announced any plans to build one. However, Tennessee has a fairly robust DMV application – TN Driver Services, which allows for remote renewal of a drivers license. It is probable that if Tennessee decides to launch an electronic identity credential that it would be launched inside the existing DMV application.

Tennessee Bill SBO0572

Tennessee was considering a bill that would lead to the implementation of mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs). State Senator Heidi Campbell introduced SB0572/HB0545 which called for a study into the implementation digital driver’s licenses for the state of Tennessee.

“The department of safety is directed to perform a study of laws in this state and other states related to the implementation of a secure digital license system for authorizing persons to present or submit evidence of a driver license or photo identification license in an optional digital format in lieu of a physical license, and the use or development of a mobile software application capable of being utilized via a person’s electronic device to access a digital image of the person’s driver license or photo identification license.” The bill specifically was intended to look at other state implementations and compare them to physical ID laws.

The bill was withdrawn shortly after it hit the Senate floor, so it may be a while before Tennessee residents reap the benefits of mobile IDs.

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