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Linea Tab for iPad VeriScan App  

IPC Linea-Tab with 3-Track magnetic stripe reader and 1D/2D barcode scanner for iPad

  • Convenient mobile application to capture data from Driver's Licenses and State IDs using iPad
  • Powerful CRM tool to speed up data entry, collect pictures and signatures, conduct surveys
  • Easy data export to MS Excel. Cloud based database along with SDK/API for developers are available

    Age Verification and Access Control by IDScan.net Age Verification Access Control for mobile devices Apple iPhone iPad iPod E-seek devices Software Development Kit for developers, Create your own application using our parsing engine. IDScan.net can design simple and complex application for small and large businesses.

    About IDScan.net

    IDscan.net is the industry leader in ID scanning technology with over 10 years of experience in developing ID scanning software for many of the top companies in the US and Canada. We provide a full spectrum of solutions to our customers for fraud prevention, access control, automatic data capture, age verification, and visitor management. Our full suite of mobile, tablet, and desktop solutions are used in a variety of industries, some of which include the entertainment, casino, marketing, retail, security, and technology sectors.

    Our ID Scanning Technology

    Our ID parsing technology provides the ability to read the information from the barcode or magnetic stripe on a driverís license, military ID, or any other government-issued ID from the US and Canada. Our proprietary algorithm will validate the authenticity of the ID, and capture its information to auto-populate any digital application. This proven technology has the ability to integrate into any platform, and we offer a variety of solutions including large-scale deployments for national corporations, individual licenses for single locations, web service solutions for various scan volumes, and stand-alone software applications. Our technology is also hardware agnostic, providing you with several options to choose the best scanning device for your needs.

    Benefits of our Solution

  • Read any government-issued ID for the US and Canada, including driverís licenses, state-issued ID cards, military ID cards, common access cards (CAC), gun permits, Canadian health cards, and passports containing a machine readable zone.
  • Validate the authenticity of an ID to reduce the percentage of fraudulently processed transactions.
  • Automate manual data entry by scanning an ID and quickly populating the fields of an electronic form
  • Eliminate typos and keystroke errors by using our parsing engine, which is the most up-to-date and reliable in the industry.
  • Manage your customers by monitoring their traffic flow through your establishment, classifying and tagging them by groups, and maintaining their customer profiles.
  • Receive frequent ID jurisdictional format updates before IDs are released to the public through our efficient and secure FTP, which provides a secure login for immediate 24/7 access.
  • Integrate seamlessly into any platform by using the most advanced ID scanning software on the market. This includes our iOS SDK, which was the first to market in 2010, and has been successfully integrated in many platforms.
  • Receive the most competitive pricing in the industry

    M310 VeriScan Mobile Video Demo

    Our Pledge to You

    Our customers mean everything to us and developing long-term relationships is our highest priority. We demonstrate this by providing you with the highest quality product at the most competitive price, as well as 24/7/365 customer support. From the Fortune 500 companies to the small businesses we work with, we strive to provide a personalized experience and a high-level of customer service every day.

  • Selected Customers:

        IDScan.net Customer - Travel Management   IDScan.net Customer - Polaris   IDScan.net Customer - Chevrolet   IDScan.net Customer - IBM  
      IDScan.net Customer - Isle of Capri Casino   IDScan.net Customer - Consulat General of Peru in Miami   IDScan.net Customer - Molson Coors VeriScan Online VeriScan CE  
      Ceasars Entertainment IDScan.net SDK ID Parsing Engine iOS   IDScan.net Customer - Esplendor Resort at Rio Rico, AZ   IDScan.net Customer - The Bahamas' Super Station   IDScan.net Customer - Army National Guard  
    IDScan.net Customer - Tire Kingdom   IDScan.net Customer - Hooters   IDScan.net Customer - Resorts Atlantic City Wizz Forms

    Latest news
    News Archive


    7/1/2014 We have released a new ID library and SDK for Windows v5.55.0. We are excited to announce that we`ve added support for Mexican Matricula Consular ID, Puerto Rico, and Guatemalan IDs. Please see the downloads page of our website or contact us directly for new keys.

    6/23/2014 We have issued a completely new iOS library and SDK. The updated SDK includes More ID Formats and Updated Camera Scanning Feature as well as new licensing model, please see the downloads page of our website or contact us directly for new keys.

    6/1/2014 IDScan.net delivers a new v4.3 of our VeriScan Online mobile application. VeriScan Online v3.5 for iPhone/iPad from the App Store.

    5/23/2014 New Honeywell Firmware v1.6 upgrade Please make sure you have v1.6 before you update VeriScan apps. YouTube video | PDF
    Click here if you prefer IDScan.net to upgrade your firmware.

    12/29/2013 IDScan.net delivers a more powerful v3.5 of our VeriScan Online mobile application. New features include additional support for Common Access Cards and military IDs, new easy-to-use user interface, additional statistics such as new vs. returning customers, automated weekly reports, manual entry, and many more. VeriScan Online v3.5 for iPhone/iPad from the App Store.

    11/15/2013 IDScan.net releases its newest app, WizzForms for iPad. WizzForms allows users to automate manual data entry on your iPad by quickly scanning a driverís license. This application collects information such as name, date of birth, and address and is compatible with any webpage or web form. It is easy to setup and requires no programming experience.

    11/5/2013 An updated version of WizzForms for desktop will allow users to capture the image of any ID or driverís license using IDScan.netís M280 and TT800 scanners.

    10/12/2013 IDScan.net announces a new feature of VeriScan for desktop that will allow image capture using either IDscan.net's M280 or TT800 scanners.

    5/27/2013 Access control is at a new level with In and Out functionality in ID scanning software VeriScan Dorado v2.41.7 released today.

    5/24/2013 VeriScan Pro HD app gets major revision, new features to include Survey module - setup your own Questions and collect data, export to Excel. Pay no monthly fees!

    4/10/2013 IDScan.net presents new innovative solutions at ISC West show in Las Vegas, Nevada! Please visit our booth 19141

    04/02/2012 VeriScan Pro HD is a great new ID scanning app, designed specifically for Apple iPad, has been approved for App Store on April 2nd. The app works with new ILV devices as well as iMag Pro and uniMags readers. It allows to capture photos, signatures and much more.

    News Archive


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    * - Oregon DMV Will Be Issuing Customer Numbers That Include Letters. more...

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