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Year-End Gratitude: A Message from our CEO

Denis Petrov looks back at IDScan.net’s growth and innovation during the past year

Read Time:  2 Min

Denis Petrov CEO

As I reflect on the past year, I find myself feeling both proud of IDScan.net’s continued growth and grateful to everyone who made it possible. As a final act of 2019, I am taking this opportunity to recap the year that was and look towards 2020.

Technical Enhancements and Launching a New Product

Under the leadership of our CTO, Andrey Stanovnov, our technical team innovated throughout the year. In 2019, IDScan.net improved our already strong offerings, developed new technologies, and developed a new product. Specifically, we:

  • Added DMV Data Verification, the newest of our third-party checks. This offers our clients the ability to check an individual against DMV databases in real time when the ID is scanned. 
  • Launched IDWare Profit, an innovative new retail loss prevention solution. We are showcasing IDWare Profit to the National Retail Federation (NRF)’s annual trade show in January. 
  • Enhanced our Mobile ID Validation solution. Retail, banking, and other apps can onboard customers from their own mobile device by taking pictures of the front and back of an ID, along with a selfie.
  • Added Facial Recognition to VeriScan Online. Our cloud-based visitor management solution, VeriScan Online, now includes facial recognition technology. Our clients can now enroll individuals in facial recognition with a photo or their live face. When they return, our technology will recognize individual, enhancing security and streamlining check-in.

Partnerships, New HQ, and an Acquisition

The good news at IDScan.net wasn’t all on the technical side. We grew, we forged new partnerships and were recognized for our work. During the past year, we:

Of course, nothing we achieved this year would have been possible without our customers, our partners, and our staff. You made 2019 IDScan.net’s best year ever There are far too many of you to thank, but I want you to know that I am grateful for your contribution. I look forward to doing even bigger things together in the new year.

I will close with this: we also unveiled our new vision this year, “Creating a safer and smarter world through technology.” I believe this speaks to the core of IDScan.net: in our past, present, and future. With our identity verification and information gathering technologies, we empower our clients to keep their customers safe and offer them an extraordinary experience. We are reminded too often of the need  for increased physical security. And with so many options, consumers can be picky. I pledge that IDScan.net will continue to innovate and strive for the safer and smarter world we know is possible. In 2020 and beyond.