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White label service has become an industry standard, and our versatile visitor management and age verification software, VeriScan Online, is no exception. VeriScan Online is offered as a ready to use, out of the box solution, but for those needing a custom branded ID verification or visitor management solution, IDScan.net offers VeriScan online as a white label product.

Our technology utilizes the most robust parsing engine and can be customized (white label service) with your own branding, identity and features so it meets your businesses exact needs. Fully integrated and ready-made, both the consumer facing app and back-end portal can be customized to reflect your business logos, products, etc. It includes a robust portal for reporting, demographics, inventory management and analytics and is available to push directly into your platform as an API through web hooks if needed.

Our white label service has been used in the leasing market as an FHA compliant system to increase owner/operators safety, and to facilitate more informed marketing, sales, and operational decisions. Although leasing companies often require agents to acquire a picture ID before touring a prospective tenant, IDs were not being properly verified if at all. VeriScan Online makes it easy for untrained agents to scan and verify a potential renters drivers license or any government issued ID. Scanning a potential tenants ID also reduces errors and inconsistencies by eliminating  manual data entry. In addition to promoting a more secure workplace, VeriScan Online’s robust and fully customizeable reporting features made it easy for this business to gather demographics and create reports on exactly what was important to their business.

Our white label service has also been used in the alcohol delivery business. Our VeriScan Online Web API was integrated and used to scan and verify the individuals age upon delivery of alcoholic beverages. Our VeriScan Online software was customized so that the consumer facing app on the delivery drivers phone or device reflected the company logo and messaging. With additional development, this white label solution was further customized to allow the delivery driver to compare the ID scan upon delivery, to the original ID scan that was taken at the time of purchase on the mobile web application.

Whatever your age verification or visitor management needs may be, IDScan.net has the customization and white label service to make it your own. To find out more about how IDScan.net can help you brand our software to your business needs call us at 866-389-5361.

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