What’s the Best Scanner to Catch Fake IDs?

Has your business recently been looking for the best ID scanner for finding fakes? If so, you and your business may have already started searching online for the scanner that matches your needs for catching those fakes. But with so many ID scanners available in the market, how can you tell if the scanner is truly a good fit for your business needs?

At IDScan.net, we understand the importance of working with an ID scanner that can validate an ID quickly and accurately. There are varying levels of ID scanning technology that your business may require or want to obtain when allowing entrance to a property or selling age-restricted items.

how to detect a fake id

Every time an ID is scanned, your business has the power of choosing what data you would like to extract. But in order to do so, you have to utilize a scanner that is capable of obtaining the type of data your business needs or is interested in obtaining. Above all, businesses must consider what they need out of their ID scanner, then identify the best scanner to make their business safer while maintaining efficiency.

In this blog, we will explore choosing the best box ID scanner for your business’ needs, identifying the best ID scanner solution, and reviewing scanner products offered by IDScan.net that can meet those exact business needs.

Choosing the Best ID Scanner for Your Business’ Needs

There are varying levels of verification an ID scanner can perform each time they process an ID. It is important to determine your ID scanning needs before purchasing a scanner.

At IDScan.net, we offer Off-The-Shelf ID Scanning Solutions that include the best available mobile or desktop hardware as well as our VeriScan visitor management software. These off-the-shelf solutions will work with the six basic types of ID scanning needs:

  • Age Verification
  • Data Capture
  • Loss Prevention
  • Visitor Management

When you are checking IDs routinely with lower stakes, you can rely on a lower-tier option with an age verification scanner. This alone may likely be a sufficient scanner for your business under these circumstances.

But if you are dealing with highly sensitive products or information, you may need some of the more comprehensive solutions to ensure no fake IDs get through.

The Best ID Scanner Solution for Catching Fakes

There are plenty of ID scanners on the market that simply are not paired with adequate software. At IDScan.net, our top of the line software can be paired with the best hardware scanners to fully authenticate the document.

Comprehensive ID scanners will conduct the following functions to determine if the ID is real or fake:

  • Ensure the ID is not expired and that the patron is not underage
  • Read the barcode and match that information to the information written on the front of the ID
  • Check the ID to ensure it matches state standards under white light, UV light, and infrared light

For additional layers of security, IDScan.net’s third party checks and authentication software can be added. Once the ID is scanned, this software gets to work in performing additional authentication checks. These checks can include running the ID against DMV records to ensure they issued the ID.

Third Party Checks are offered by IDScan.net to additionally check for:

  • Identity Validation 
  • Criminal Background 
  • Watch List Check 
  • Sex Offender Check 
  • MK Denial List 
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control Check 
  • Specially Designated Nationals
  • Politically Exposed Persons

Scanner Options

At IDScan.net, we offer a wide range of scanners with solutions ranging from reading passports to abstracting data from both sides of an ID.

Below are three of IDScan.net’s best scanner solutions for catching fakes and more:

AT9000 4

Gemalto AT9000 

This is a full-page passport and document scanner. The Gemalto AT9000 can scan and capture images from both IDs and passports, although users must flip IDs over in order to capture both sides of the document. This scanner performs full authentication – checking documents under white, UV, and infrared light.

Favorite in airports and embassies. 

Gemalto CR5400

With the Gemalto CR5400, an ID can be simultaneously read while capturing an image of it with this compact desktop scanner. This scanner works a little differently than many traditional scanners. Users simply drop the ID in the top slot facing either direction (orientation doesn’t matter- it will read the document either way), and the ID is ejected from the top once it is read. This scanner performs full authentication – checking documents under white, UV, and infrared light.

Favorite in secure facilities and financial institutions

E-Seek M280

E-Seek M280 

This scanner reads and captures images of both sides of the ID, however, the interface requires users to flip the document or ID over during this process. This scanner performs full authentication – checking documents under white, UV, and infrared light. This scanner can also read magnetic stripes. 

Favorite in banks

Basic IDScan.net Scanners 

At IDScan.net, we also offer basic scanners that are great for quicking checking IDs to ensure the patron is not underage and that the ID is not expired. While not as thorough as the scanners mentioned previously, these are still a great solution to ensure your business is maintaining compliance without sacrificing any operational efficiency.

These scanners check for age thresholds and expiration, and will also alert you if the barcode on the ID or document is not readable, which can be a red flag for fakes or criminal activity.

FZ N1mk2 4


The rugged TOUGHBOOK N1 is a military-grade mobile scanner that can handle drops and spills. This scanner will quickly scan IDs and return results. The N1 allows for a touch-free process – IDs never have to change hands to be scanned.

Favorite in casinos and dispensaries

IDWare Age Mobile DL and Passport

IDWare 9000 

This mobile scanner is an efficient solution for quickly scanning IDs. Although not quite as durable as the N1, it is dust and water-resistant. The IDWare 9000 also allows for touch-free scanning, as the ID will never have to change hands in order to be scanned. This scanner includes IDScan.net’s VeriScan Mobile software that allows for multiple entry alerts to avoid pass-backs. 

Favorite in bars and nightclubs

E-Seek M260 with ID


This desktop ID scanner offers a compact design for users sitting at a desk, and can also easily be mounted in vehicles. Users simply insert an ID in the top and it will quickly read the 2D barcode. This scanner can also read magnetic stripes.

Favorite in law enforcement

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Id Scanners:

What is the best scanner to catch fake IDs?

There are many ID scanners available that will help your business catch fake IDs – it is important to determine what the best scanner is for your business in particular. If you need any help in your decision-making process, don’t hesitate to reach out to sales@idscan.net

Do scanners need software to work?

Yes! A scanner alone will not be much help- the software is what reads the information. Many of our solutions come with software included, or software can be purchased separately.

Where can I find a scanner for my business?

Check out our store for tons of scanner options for your business.