Visitor Management in Secure Facilities

Visitor Management in Secure Facilities

Managing visitors is essential for any business’s operation. recognizes that visitor management systems, in addition to tracking visitor occupancy, help enforce protocols and compliance, protect people and assets, safeguard against nuisance, and enhance the guest experience.

The need for visitor management only increases in secure facilities with closely monitored entrances, clearance procedures, and on-site security measures. Maintaining real-time information on all on-premises guests safeguards against security breaches and creates historical records that may be accessed and exported at any point.’s cloud-based solutions enable facilities to capture visitor information at any entrance or location. This data is stored in a centralized online portal that offers various layers of access. For example, security personnel may log in to approve visitors in a queue, and site administrators and coordinators can view unrestricted data to review approvals, filter visitor records, and generate time-stamped reports.

Digitized visitor management ensures that your data is just as secure as your facility. recognizes that most check-in processes have previously been done with pen-and-paper. However, the upgrade to computer systems is now essential.

Paper trails can be unreliable and labor-intensive.’s new visitor management solution:

  • Streamlines operations by approving visitors prior to on-site arrival
  • Automates simple sign-in procedures through form-filling technology
  • Stores only specified data to easily retroactively search and export for compliance or contact-tracing needs’s visitor management technology for high-security facilities:

As the world becomes more unpredictable recognizes that high-security facilities become increasingly vulnerable. These facilities need reliable and efficient technology, knows the importance of managing your facilities and offers many access management services. offers the following different types of visitor management solutions:

  1. Visitor approval and registration
  2. Visitor check-in
  3. Visitor tracking builds dependable and accurate solutions tailored to the needs of high-security facilities. Listed below are just a few key features:

  1. helps your facility organize and manage your visitors.
    • Place visitors into Groups such as Banned, VIP, etc. Receive SMS or email notifications upon arrival
    • Track how long visitors are in your facility and print self-expiring badges for guests
    • Check visitors against third party databases such as OFAC and MK Denial lists prior to arrival
  2.’s technology offers highly vetted and accurate scans.
    • All ID and passport scans must pass through validation tests to confirm that the ID is authentic
  3. offers solutions for any emergency.
    • In case of emergency, they offer the ability to check-out all guests to ensure an accurate headcount
  4. is constantly innovating.
    • These are only a few of’s technologies for high-security facilities. is always looking to update their technology and be leaders in new spaces. is now also providing facial recognition technology, which allows your facility to process people faster without being as close to them.

We look forward to providing you solutions that provide your facility with the highest level of security

Overall,’s goal is to safeguard your business. Through their advanced visitor management technology, their integration capabilities, and their constant innovation, hopes to provide you with an end-end visitor management solution for your security needs.