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Visitor Management in Gated Communities

Guests, repairs, deliveries—no matter the reason for the visit, it is essential to know who someone is before you let them past the entrance. Security personnel and property owners alike can rely on the advanced technology of a visitor management system to increase security and streamline operations.

A gate that limits access to a community or property is only the first step in creating a secure area–an up-to-date visitor management system is crucial to ensuring your property is as secure as possible.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is a broad term that involves the process of gathering information in order to track visitors, manage access, and safeguard against nuisance. Visitor management is not one size fits all; different industries and locations often have differing needs, so having a solution built for your industry is essential in ensuring a comprehensive system.

At, we offer a visitor management system that is designed for gated communities to help track visitors and manage access. This process simplifies enforcement of protocols and compliance, protects identities, adds safety precautions, protects assets, safeguards against nuisance, and enhances visitor, resident, and employee experience.’s visitor management system is equipped with our powerful VeriScan technology to easily scan identification with our state-of-the-art scanning hardware. The process of visitor management begins with an accurate scan of an individual’s identification. Below is a generalized process of how a visitor management system works:

  1. Identification is scanned
    • New visitors: ID is scanned and a visitor profile is created
    • Returning visitors: the visitor management system reviews their visitor history and shows any associated groups or tags
  2. The visitor is recorded
  3. The visit is saved with secure cloud storage OR via a local storage

There are many unique security features to’s visitor management system that makes it a powerful tool for obtaining and storing data on visitors. For instance, with’s VeriScan Online software, property owners at gated communities can scan and securely store the data of each visitor that wishes to enter the premises.

Gated communities can easily track who is entering the property. If a visitor that does not live in the gated community wishes to enter the property,’s visitor management system can scan their ID to check them into the property as a guest. Frequent visitors, such as housekeepers, landscapers, or nannies, can be grouped accordingly for a more streamlined process and removed from these groups if employment is suspended. Residents can choose to be instantly notified via SMS text as soon as one of their visitors or employees enters the premises.

Why is an Up-to-Date Visitor Management System Important for Gated Communities?

Residents choose to live in a gated community for assurance of safety and security. The mere presence of a gate may deter some potential wrongdoers, but a comprehensive visitor management system is the next level in security, ensuring you know exactly who is entering the premises.

With visitor management, you can learn crucial details about all subjects that wish to enter the grounds, including if they have been previously banned. Time-stamped records are easily exported when needed.

Visitor management is also a useful solution for recurring guests that enter the gated community. If you have housekeepers, maintenance, nannies, or friends and family that regularly visit your gated community, the visitor management system can recognize these returning guests and treat them as such. These guests can then all be grouped accordingly to streamline the process of vetting out dangerous visitors.

VeriScan allows property owners and businesses of many different industries to:

  • Group individuals
  • Accurately scan an ID
  • Keep track of who is entering the premises
  • Document each visit (time, location, etc.)
  • Export time-stamped visitor records
  • Securely store data in the cloud or with a local storage

Tailored for Gated Communities’s visitor management system is a necessary upgrade from outdated manual systems, which can be labor-intensive and unreliable. Older systems require someone to write down or type out information, which takes time and is also prone to human error.

If your community is looking for even more thorough and comprehensive layers of security, has options for authentication and third-party checks. Authentication can be performed to ensure the document is valid, and third-party checks, including criminal background checks, can be run in real-time.

Our visitor management solution for gated communities eliminates all human error. Plus, our system’s requirement to scan IDs will deter potential criminals from even attempting entrance. This can prevent potential criminals from targeting your neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions about Visitor Management in Gated Communities

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is a broad term that involves the process of gathering information in order to track visitors, manage access, and safeguard against nuisance. Visitor management can be tailored to specific industries or needs.

Why would a gated community need visitor management software?

A gate alone is not enough to ensure security- visitor management systems add a more comprehensive system to ensure your community is as safe as possible. Classify and group individuals and use 3rd party checks to prevent dangerous individuals from entering the community.

Where can I find visitor management solutions for my community? has solutions specifically for gated communities, visit our webpage or reach out to for more information and buying options.