Scan IDs.

Detect Fakes.

VeriScan is powerful visitor management software. Scan IDs, integrate with fake ID detection hardware, log visitors, and track demographic history.

Benefits of VeriScan Visitor Management System

Our suite of visitor management tools provide the most flexible framework for managing the security of your location.

VeriScan Pricing

All licenses come with ID scanning, access to a robust visitor management system, and demographic reporting.

Price $33/mo. $60/mo. $120/mo. $150/mo.
Scan 2D barcodes (PDF417) all government issued IDs and passports
Verify age with ID or passport scan
Save and manage visitor profiles
Sync profiles and scans between multiple ID scanning devices
Scan offline without WiFi access
Create and manage custom lists (banned, VIP, etc.)
Set up notifications via email or SMS  
Integrate third party checks (Sex Offender, DMV, OFAC, etc.)  
Custom PII retention settings (by field, for X days, no retention) to meet compliance standards    
Settings Profiles at the account level, to manage different state-level regulations across multiple locations and devices    
Add agreements, waivers, and badge creation to your workflow    
Capture photos of the ID or cropped ID image (Image Sync)    
Access webhooks for integration into your other technology systems    
Create custom fields for your visitor profiles    
Catch up to 95% of fake IDs       ✓*
UV, IR, white light scanning + checks against hologram and watermark libraries       ✓*

Recommended ID scanning hardware

VeriScan works on a variety of best-in-class ID scanners

E-Seek M260

IDWare Falcon

E-Seek M280

Thales CR5400

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*Requires specialty hardware
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VeriScan Hardware & Software Bundles

Panasonic FZN1 Scanning ID

VeriScan Mobile ID Scanning

Scan IDs using a rugged handheld mobile ID scanning device. Scans 2D barcodes and syncs to centralized database.

Nevada Cannabis Control Board Approved ID Scanning Bundle

VeriScan With Authentication

VeriScan with added authentication for detection of fake and suspicious IDs. Powerful visitor management paired with authentication hardware.

VeriScan Countertop

Utilize the IDWare Falcon with a countertop stand to create self-service kiosk capabilities for ID scanning.

Age Verification

Learn more about our industry leading solution for checking age and authenticating IDs.

What is VeriScan?

VeriScan is a visitor management tool with built in age verification and fake ID detection software. It can be used to scan IDs, verify age (18, 21, etc.) for age restricted venues, create visitor profiles, and check against existing lists such as banned or VIP.

How does VeriScan catch fake IDs?

VeriScan Premium and Enterprise catch roughly 60% of fake IDs by detecting anomalies in the 2D barcode based on algorithms we’ve built during our 15 years in business. Not all 2D barcode scans are created equal. VeriScan Authentication does simultaneous front-back matching and checks the ID with three types of light to catch nearly 95% of fake IDs. It also performs checks against hologram and watermark libraries for additional layers of scrutiny.

How accurate is VeriScan at catching fake IDs?

VeriScan Premium and Enterprise have 2D barcode security checks that catch roughly 60% of fake IDs which have suspicious “tells” in their 2D barcode. When compared against other popular industry apps, VeriScan catches a much higher percentage of fake IDs, and parses data more accurately.

When using VeriScan Authentication you can reliably catch up to 95% of fraudulent and suspicious IDs.

Which types of IDs can be scanned using VeriScan?

VeriScan works with all government-issued IDs which contain a barcode and/or MRZ. It can reliably authenticate IDs from all 50 states and Canadian provinces, as well as US passports, depending on which hardware is used. With a Global authentication add-on it can also authenticate global documents.

VeriScan Authentication Failed Result Screenshot

Visitor Management

VeriScan immediately creates and updates visitor profiles each time an ID is scanned. VeriScan syncs across all your entrances and locations.

What information is saved in each customer profile?

VeriScan captures any information stored in the 2D barcode. You can also add custom fields (VeriScan Enterprise only) to enhance each customer profile. You can also capture the picture from the ID or the in-person visit (VeriScan Enterprise only) to attach a visual to each profile.

Can VeriScan create groups or lists?

Yes. VeriScan allows you to create unlimited groups, included banned lists (with time settings) and VIP lists. Your lists can be configured to send immediate alerts to yur management or security team when Banned or VIP individuals try to enter the premises.We also have a Golden Zip Code feature which allows you to identify potential VIPs based on high income zip codes.

How long is data retained inside VeriScan?

You can set custom data retention settings inside your VeriScan instance. You can flush PII immediately, or retain for set lengths of time. Data is uploaded to a secure cloud portal – even if the device is stolen, your customers’ information is secure.

What operating system does VeriScan use?

VeriScan is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. If you require Authentication (Fake ID detection) you will need to run the socftware on a Windows device as the required hardware is only compatible with Windows software.

VeriScan Testimonials

Hear from a few of our satisfied customers. Bars, nightclubs, dispensaries, and other secure venues utilize VeriScan for ID scanning.

“We rely on VeriScan to check IDs at all of our entrances to ensure our entire property remains 21+.”

Security Manager

Circa Casinos

Planet 13

“VeriScan allows us to maintain the highest standards of compliance in the cannabis industry. We utilize authentication at every check-in station to ensure all our guests are of legal age.”

VP of Retail Operations

Planet 13 Dispensary

“Their solution has a sleek design and is very convenient for self service license scanning. We are able to train our staff quickly and stay compliant.”


Smokin’ Joe’s

Readable Fields From An ID

The following are a list of available fields, which can be parsed from commonly issued drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs.

First Name
Last Name
Middle Name / Middle Initial
Street Address
Zip Code
Issue Date
Hair Color
Eye Color
License Class
Expiration Date
ID Number

ID Scanning Compliance

Utilize ID scanning to meet state and local laws for age verification and chain of custody documentation.

ID scanning is legal in 49/50 states. New Hampshire is the only state in which ID scanning is currently illegal. ID scanning is required in many states for age restricted purchases such as cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco. Visit our IDLaws portal for a complete overview of ID scanning laws by state.

What is ID scanning for affirmative defense?

Many states have laws that specifically release businesses from liability for underage sales if ID scanning is performed. So adding in ID scanning can provide additional legal security for your business.

What data can be retained from an ID?

VeriScan allows for custom settings for PII retention which can conform to all state and industry regulations. Some states require PII be immediately flushed, while others require audit logs which can be exported and examined by state auditors. Our team can help you configure your visitor management system to meet specific requirements in each state where you operate.

How often do ID scanning laws change?

We monitor legislation in all fifty states that may impact ID scanning or privacy laws relevant to our clients.

Available Third Party Check Integrations

Easily add third party checks such as DMV screenings, sex offender checks, OFAC/PEP list checks into your VeriScan workflows. Priced per scan.

New Feature! VeriScan For Access Control

We are now offering VeriLocks – a compatible door locking mechanism in which acccess is granted using a scanned ID.

Access is managed using lists created inside the VeriScan portal. Then visitors simply scan their ID using the mounted Falcon device. Entry is granted upon successful ID scan, and can be tied to group inclusion.

Key Industries Serviced

We work with businesses across a variety of industries to provide best-in-class ID scanning and visitor management.

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VeriScan Mobile Apps – ID Scanning for iOS and Android

Download our easy-to-use mobile applications available on iOS and Android. Note – specialty hardware is required for best-in-class fake ID detection.

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