Tropical Isle deploys id scanner fleet

Tropical Isle, Home of the Hand Grenade, Deploys ID Scanners

Tropical Isle ® adopted a complete ID scanning solution this past Tuesday for all five of its locations in the New Orleans metropolitan area.  The comprehensive solution is aimed to both validate customers’ IDs as they enter the clubs and then retain records of said validation to eliminate risk and liability as well as adhere to regulations set up by the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

Tropical Isle ® is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting NOLA.   This meant that their solution had to be compatible with IDs from all over the country.  Because of the constant in-and-out nature of their bar, they needed a device that could also record and validate an ID extremely quickly.  The VeriScan M-310S Portable ID Scanners solved both of those problems.

The owners, Pam and Earl, are the creators of the infamous Hand Grenade, New Orleans’ Most Powerful Drink ®.  They see their fair share of rowdy nights.  Because each and every ID scan is recorded, they can track and report customers who are problem-causers, as well as mark them as banned, preventing them from entrance in the future.

At, we love working with customers like Tropical Isle ®.  As much as they are a fixture here in New Orleans (Tropical Isle was founded in the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition) they are not afraid to change and develop as the bar and nightclub industry brings forth new challenges.  Through responsibility and efficient use of available technology barowners can reduce cost and risk while maintaining a safe and fun environment.

Next time you’re in New Orleans stop by Tropical Isle ®.  Drink a few Hand Grenades ® (AND I MEAN ONLY A FEW).  We’ll make sure a hangover is the worst of your worries.