The New Normal for Bars and Nightclubs

How to ensure a safe reopening

Safe reopenings and adapting to the new normal are essential to bars and nightclubs recovering from the global pandemic. No one could prepare for 2020 but as we head into the new year we can move forward with the most efficient and safest solutions.

Visitor management is a key to maintaining compliance with efficiency so you’re not wasting time or resources, all while simultaneously validating age and expiration status on IDs and driver’s licenses, and checking for or tagging banned or VIP patrons

Contact Tracing

A visitor management system allows for easy contact tracing. With the simple scan of an ID, the customer’s name and address are captured and stored in an easily accessible record. Phone numbers and email addresses can easily be added, as well, for more streamlined follow-ups if necessary.

Records are all time-stamped so you can see when customers were in the building in order to alert anyone who may have been in contact, without alerting customers who were not in your establishment when any contact may have occurred.

Capacity Limits

Ensure you are maintaining compliance with any ordinances or mandates that limit capacity. Our mobile scanners, paired with VeriScan Online software, allow you to set capacity limits to easily keep track of how many people are in your establishment. A capacity counter is located at the bottom of the app interface and when the limit is reached it will immediately turn red. The limit can easily be adjusted as needed as restrictions are changed. All of this information is stored in time-stamped records in order to prove historic compliance.

Contactless ID Scanning

Keep your staff and patrons safe by limiting contact as much as possible. Our mobile scanners allow for contactless ID scanning – the ID never has to change hands to be scanned into the system. A patron can simply hold their ID and staff can press a button on the side or front of the scanner in order to complete the no-contact scan.

All-in-One Mobile Solutions

Our solutions for bar and nightclub are all on sale to help ensure your business can safely reopen and maintain compliance.

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