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Taking Your Scanning to the Casino Floor

5 Uses of Mobile ID Scanning in Casinos

Read Time:  3 Min

The uses of ID scanning technology in casinos to verify an individual’s identity and collect information from the ID are wide-ranging and well-documented. has worked with casinos and gaming technology companies for more than a decade. We were the first-to-market with mobile ID scanning, so we understand the value in taking your scanning on the move. Through an exclusive partnership with Panasonic, we are offering the best mobile solution for casinos, and the only one to scan drivers’ licenses and passports.

As we prepare for this year’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E), we thought it would be an opportune time to review the uses of ID scanning for casinos, and examine how mobile scanning can make the solution even more valuable. The following are locations throughout a casino where mobile ID scanning can be particularly useful.

At The Entrance: Compliance & Security

Scanning IDs at the entrance gives casinos the ability to verify the age of every individual who enters, creating a record of the check-in to ensure compliance. The process also allows casinos to compare the individual to internal and external banned lists, which increases compliance and security.

The Value of Mobile: While many casinos have a checkpoint with a desk, stand, or podium, there are plenty that do not. Or perhaps there is a desk at the main entrance, but not at the other doors. Deploy mobile scanners at every entrance to ensure that you scan each guest’s ID. You can even move additional scanners to busy entry points to reduce wait times, or have a “roaming” scanner.

On the Floor: Loyalty Enrollment

Scan guests’ IDs to capture the information from them and automatically populate player enrollment forms. Eliminate typos and get people enrolled instantly.

The Value of Mobile: Don’t wait for guests to come to the desk to enroll in your loyalty program. Be proactive and take your ID scanning to the casino floor, increasing your chances of getting guests to enroll. 

Back Door: Vendor Management

Whether a vendor is making a delivery or servicing your facilities, you want to know who’s coming inside. By using a visitor management platform with ID scanning, you can make the vendor check-in process secure and seamless.

The Value of Mobile: Keep the line moving by checking in vendors while they’re still in their truck. You can get them checked in and out, all while keeping a record of their visit.

Jackpot Tracking

We understand the importance of jackpot tracking. Scanning an individual’s ID is the easiest way to make this all happen in one simple step. Populate your database, fill out the necessary forms, and collect signatures in some simple step.

The Value of Mobile: Process jackpot tracking quickly and on the spot. Scan the ID at the machine, bring them their pay-out, and let them continue playing.

Casino Bars & Restaurants

You may have other age-restricted areas that are not accessed through the main entrance of your casino. Use ID scanning to verify age at the door to a nightclub or bar, or tableside at a restaurant. Maintain compliance throughout your entire property.

The Value of Mobile. Mobile scanning offers ultimate flexibility. If there is a bouncer at night but not during the day, the bartender can hold onto the scanner when the bouncer is not present. 


ID scanning is trending towards mobile solutions for many industries, and this is definitely the case within casinos. Visit Booth #3812 at G2E to see the future of mobile ID scanning: The TOUGHBOOK N1 and T1 paired with’s software. To book a demonstration or to learn more, visit call 888.430.8936.