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Real ID Act Impacts Air Force Base Access

Air Force Bases Restrict Access to those with Minnesota, Missouri, Washington & American Samoa IDs

Beginning August 15th,  no Defense Department installation will accept IDs from Minnesota, Missouri, Washington or American Samoa. Some of these installations include U.S. Air Force bases, Holloman and Patrick.

Other sectors of the U.S. Defense Department, including the Navy, Marine Corps and Army stopped accepting identification that was not compliant with the Real ID Act in the early part of this year. The U.S. Air Force bases decided to wait to enforce the Real ID requirements until they received further direction according to

The U.S. Air Force bases changed the identification requirements so they would  be in compliance with enforcing the Real ID Act.  Maj. Megan Hall , 45th Security Forces Squadron commander states, “Implementation of the Real ID Act will bring us into compliance with the congressionally-mandated identification standards.”

The Holloman Air Force Base located in Otero County, New Mexico and the Patrick Air Force base, located in Brevard County, Florida have each stated that alternative forms of proper identification will be accepted and that the rules will not affect current military members, dependents or retirees.

Some of the forms of identification that will be accepted at U.S. Air Force bases include:

  • U.S. or foreign government passport
  • Employment authorization documents which include a photo
  • ID cards issued by federal, state or local government agencies that include a “photo and biographical information.”
  • Enhanced driver’s licenses from Minnesota or Washington


U.S. Air Force Base Entrance

U.S. Air Force Base Entrance. Image from

To learn more about the Real ID Act and its impact on U.S. Airforce bases, click here. For a refresher on the Real ID Act, click here.

Washington Driver's License

Washington transitions to 6-year driver’s license

In Washington state, the Department of Licensing decided to transition from the typical 5-year driver’s license expiration to a 6-year driver’s license expiration.  The cost of the license will remain the same ($9 per year).

Washington DL

Washington’s Fictitious Driver’s License Program Larger Than First Reported

A new report reveals that there are roughly 3,000 fake licenses turned into police agencies over the past 25 years in Washington.  This number is nearly twice as many as originally reported by the Washington Department of Licensing.  A fake license program that started in the 1980s was recently discovered last year, which resulted in the circulation of these fake licenses.

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