Cop Issuing Ticket

Driver’s license bill is common sense

In Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that was a long time overdue.  Now when people are accused of traffic offenses, they will be able to keep their driver’s licenses.  Previously, they had to give their driver’s license to the officer until the appeared in court and paid the fine.  This came as a major inconvenience to residents who were traveling or needed their ID when processing credit cards at stores.  Police will still have the ability to suspend someone’s license if they do not pay their fine.

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Illinois Temporary Driver's License

Illinois to Stop Immigrant Driver’s License Scammers

Illinois is one among ten states that recently passed a law in 2013 to allow immigrants living in the state for over a year to apply for a driver’s license.  They have issued over 53,000 licenses since enacting the program and are now being targeted by immigrant driver’s license scammers.

State licensing regulators are working to create a new rule that limits the number of appointments someone can make to obtain their license.  Currently, scammers are using computerized dialers that flood the Secretary of State’s appointment system to obtain licenses.  Some driver schools are also charging $1,000 from undocumented immigrants for “universal licenses” that are recognized in most states.  Be on the lookout for these type of scams.

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Driver's License Seizure

Plan would end driver’s license seizure for traffic offenders

In Illinois, drivers will be allowed to keep their driver’s license for minor violations such as rolling through a stop sign or speeding.  The driver must simply sign a waiver promising to show up in court or pay their fine.

This new piece of legislation is nicknamed “Sign and Drive” and will add a high level of convenience for drivers who may need their license for boarding a plane or purchasing age-restricted products.

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DL Kiosk

Illinois driver’s license stations could close

Secretary of State Jesse White told lawmakers that nearly two dozen driver’s license stations will close unless the General Assembly extends a temporary tax increase.  If the income tax level falls from 5% to 3.75%, White will have to lay off 200 workers and reduce his office’s budget by about 10%.  The closures of the driver’s license stations would also create longer drive times and wait times for customers in rural areas trying to renew their driver’s license.

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Illinois Bill

Bill would end driver’s license forfeiture

A new bill proposed in Illinois by state Senator Michael Noland would remove the necessity for driver’s to give up their license when issued a ticket.  Currently, the system requires anyone who receives a ticket to give their license over as a means of incentivizing people to show up for their court date.  However, this causes a huge nuisance when people are traveling, checking into a hotel, buying medicine, etc.

The new bill relies on a written agreement that the offender will sign, thus promising to show up in court or pay the fine on time.  If people still don’t show up for their court date, the court will have the power to suspend your license.

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