Scam for High-Tech Goods

Two men from the Bronx are facing charges for scamming an AT&T store by purchasing cell phones and iPads with a fake ID.  The two were creating false identification of existing AT&T customers and using the information to redeem for special discounts and charge other people’s accounts.  Through AT&T’s internal messaging system, they were able to catch the two culprits.

When they found the two criminals, police discovered three fraudulent licenses from three different states and phones and iPads from the AT&T store in Wilton.  The Warren County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office and AT&T Loss Prevention Department to charge both men.

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Fake IDs hid gang haul, say police

It was reported that a drug ring was using false identification and driver’s licenses to hide luxury cars, millions of dollars in cash, firearms, and property.  The culprits were using a fake driver’s license machine to print dozens of New Zealand driver’s licenses.   The fake IDs were used to rent storage facilities where they would hide large amounts of cash and other stolen property.

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Washington DL

Washington’s Fictitious Driver’s License Program Larger Than First Reported

A new report reveals that there are roughly 3,000 fake licenses turned into police agencies over the past 25 years in Washington.  This number is nearly twice as many as originally reported by the Washington Department of Licensing.  A fake license program that started in the 1980s was recently discovered last year, which resulted in the circulation of these fake licenses.

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Virginia ID

Virginia Man Pleads Guilty in Fake ID Case

A Richmond man pleaded guilty for participating as a “runner” in a fake ID ring.  Manuel Garcia-Rojas helped sell fake IDs (Social Security cards, green cards, etc.) to illegal immigrants, while working with nine other co-defendants.  The enterprise was based in Mexico and had operations in Arkansas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island.  Garcia-Rojas was caught at a police traffic stop after trying to assault a rival ID maker and steal his equipment.

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Maine License

Maine warns of driver’s license Web site scam

Maine is warning about a website scam that is collecting driver’s license information and money from Maine residents.

The website claims that if you provide personal information and pay a fee, you can receive a renewed license.  However, people applying through the website have failed to receive anything in the mail.

According to Maine’s Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, the website is unassociated with any government agency in the state.  To renew a driver’s license online through the state of Maine’s Rapid Renewal, visit For information, call the Secretary of State’s office at (207) 624-8400.

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Iowa DOT System

Iowa Driver’s License Photo used to Catch Thieves

Using Iowa’s DOT system, Ronald Carnes was caught after escaping from prison 40 years ago.  Carnes attempted to apply for a new driver’s license under a different name from his vehicle title.  Iowa’s DOT system was able to use facial recognition to identify Carnes and put him behind bars.  He will face charges of possession of a fictitious license, fraudulent practices, and possession of a weapon by a felon.

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Man Selling Fake IDs

Man Arrested for Creating Fake Documents for Illegal Immigrants

In Arizona, A man named Gustavo Carranza-Villa was arrested for manufacturing and distributing falsified government documents.

It was discovered that Carranza-Villa was creating fake permanent resident alien ID cards and Social Security cards and selling them to illegal immigrants to help them get a job.  When caught, police found a printer, card stock, printer ribbons, and fraudulent IDs in his apartment.

It is still undeclared whether the IDs were made based on real people’s identities.  It was reported that Carranza-Villa was previously arrested by the US immigration and Customs Enforcement for producing US government documents.  He was deported to Mexico in 2006, but found a way to make his way back.

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iPhone Purchasing Scam

In Salt Lake City, Utah two people were arrested for using fake IDs to obtain discounts on purchasing Apple products.

William Torres and Kayla Nunez were using someone else’s Apple account to create new lines and obtain a significant discount on buying a phone.  They used fake IDs to pose as each person and it is estimated that they’ve caused a combined loss of $8,536 for Apple.

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Identity Theft

Man uses fake ID to obtain $9,000 car loan

Police in Columbus, Ohio are on the search for a man who used false identification to obtain a car loan.  The man used a fraudulent bill of sale from Alabama at a credit union to obtain a vehicle loan valued at $9,262.  He used proof of residency and the information from an employer, but police later found that the man’s address and employment information was false.

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NY driver's license

21 People Indicted For Connection To Commercial Driver’s License Cheating Conspiracy

In Albany, NY, 21 people were indicted for cheating on their driver’s license exam.  The defendants were accused of paying thousands of dollars to people for them to take their Commercial Driver’s License written exams.

Charges include offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree (class E felony) and false statements, alteration of records, or substitution in connection with an examination (misdemeanor).  To read the full article, click this link from