Smokey Bones Suspension for a Liquor Violation

Smokey Bones’ Suspension for a Liquor Violation

A local Massachusetts restaurant called Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill will face a five-day suspension for a liquor violation they received after serving alcohol to minors.  This violation will be the second that they faced in the past two years.

Although the restaurant has an ID system that is issued to detect fake IDs, an employee failed to follow protocol which lead to the serving of alcohol to two minors.  These two patrons used fake IDs to purchase alcohol and another guest at the restaurant snapped a picture and sent it to police.

To the credit of Smokey Bones, they immediately fired the employee who failed to follow the proper ID checking procedure and will now have a security guard out front who will check everyone’s ID as soon as they arrive.

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Avoid Alcohol Violations

Police Go Undercover to Bust Restaurant for Alcohol Violations

In Rockville, Maryland, police went undercover to bust a popular restaurant called Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge.  Police were initially attracted to the bar due to a number of complaints from local residents regarding underage drinking and drunk driving.  A follow-up investigation by the county’s Department of Liquor Control landed the restaurant in even more trouble.

Clyde’s was cited with several alcohol violations when police set up a traffic stop during Clyde’s  special two for one wine night.  The result – seven civil citations for fake IDs, five civil citations for possession of alcohol under 21, and several alcohol violations for people with alcohol content levels higher than .10 (.08 is the legal limit in Maryland).

These citations were not completely Clyde’s fault.  The IDs used by these underage drinkers were nearly impossible to detect – even the police acknowledged this.  Nonetheless, restaurants that serve alcohol are still responsible for keeping underage patrons out and the resulting violations may result in heavy fines and the loss of the restaurant’s alcohol permit.

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California Fake ID

Man Accused of Identity Fraud with Fake ID

A man in California was caught trying to purchase a $12,000 watch using a fake ID.  Luckily, the employee was able to catch the culprit before he was able to complete his purchase.  The man faces charges of identity fraud, forgery, theft by deception and access device fraud.

To read the full article, please visit the Centre daily Times website.

Illinois Temporary Driver's License

Illinois to Stop Immigrant Driver’s License Scammers

Illinois is one among ten states that recently passed a law in 2013 to allow immigrants living in the state for over a year to apply for a driver’s license.  They have issued over 53,000 licenses since enacting the program and are now being targeted by immigrant driver’s license scammers.

State licensing regulators are working to create a new rule that limits the number of appointments someone can make to obtain their license.  Currently, scammers are using computerized dialers that flood the Secretary of State’s appointment system to obtain licenses.  Some driver schools are also charging $1,000 from undocumented immigrants for “universal licenses” that are recognized in most states.  Be on the lookout for these type of scams.

To read the full article, please visit The Quad-City Times website.  To learn more about how our ID scanning enterprise solutions can help prevent fraud, feel free to visit our ID Parsing SDK page or Web Services API page.

Identity Theft with Driver's License

Scan IDs to Prevent Identity theft at your Business –

In Bellevue, it was reported that a man was stealing checks out of people’s mailboxes and using a fake ID to cash them.  This form of identity theft is becoming more and more common throughout the US.

As an individual, there are definite precautions to take to protect yourself from identity theft.  Some examples include adding a lock to your mailbox and blacking out the address found on the registration in your car.  Communicating with your neighbors to help protect each other is also vital in the fight against identity theft.

From a business perspective, a lot of your employees are not trained to spot a fake ID when processing checks, issuing refunds, or selling age-restricted products.  So what can you do?  By relying on technology to automate ID checking, you can start to identity fake IDs immediately before becoming the victim of check cashing fraud.

Our company has built our entire technology platform to spot fake IDs and protect businesses from fraud.  This is not only a service to the business, but also helps customers stop identity theft before it spirals out of control.

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Have you been a victim of identity theft in the past?  Leave your comments below about your experience and how you were able to fight identity theft.

Fake NJ IDs

New ID Scam to sell iPhones

A new ID scam is starting to become popular around the country that involves the use of fake IDs.

In the most recent instance, two perpetrators used fake IDs to open multiple cell phone accounts at Radio Shack.  They would upgrade their phone services, buy a new iPhone for about $100, and afterwards add an additional phone line to get a second iPhone.  They would then turn around and sell these phones for $500 online.

Police reported that one of the suspects had 13 fake IDs.  The entire scam led to $5,400 in fraud.

Our systems are designed to detect fake IDs by reading the PDF417 barcode found on the back of any type of driver’s license, military ID, or other state-issued ID.  Our enterprise solutions allow you to quickly integrate ID scanning and fake ID detection into any type of POS, desktop, or software system.  Check out the pages for our ID Parsing SDK and Web Services API for th more information.

What other types of ID scams have you seen?  Feel free to leave a comment below to chime in.

Fake Pennsylvania Drivers License Scan

Fake ID used in an attempt to buy a gun

In Elizabethtown, New York, a man attempted to use a fake ID to purchase a gun.

Kevin Zarbailov already faces a prior felony conviction and attempted to use a fake ID to purchase a gun.  In a second effort, he tried to ask a stranger to go in and buy a gun for him.

The ability to detect fake IDs is extremely important in keeping our streets safe.  To learn more about our available solutions, please visit the Solutions tab on our website.

To read the full story, please visit the Lancaster Online website.

ID Fraud

Fake ID Ring Led to $200 million in Fraud

In Staten Island, A man name Khawaja Ikram led an elaborate fake ID scheme that led to $200 million in international credit card fraud.   As a part of the conspiracy, Ikram created over 7,000 false identities to obtain 25,000 credit cards, and charge $200 million in credit card fraud.  The conspiracy spanned over eight countries and 28 states.

The scam included a 3-step process:

  1. The criminals created false identities by manufacturing fake IDs such as drivers’ licenses, pay stubs, tax returns, and social security numbers.
  2. Using a fake ID, they would create credit reports to increase the credit cards’ spending and borrowing power.
  3. Finally, they would spend or borrow as much as they could with false credit history and never repay their debts.

To read the full story, please visit the website.


Nine fake IDs, 30 counterfeit checks lead to Council Bluffs woman’s arrest

A lady was arrested in Council Bluff  on the suspicion of 30 counts of forgery, nine counts of falsifying public documents and for interference with official acts.  She was found with 30 counterfeit checks and nine fake IDs.  The lady was arrested after trying to buy $170 worth of merchandise using a fake check and falsified information.

This was not her first offense.  Hockabout pleaded guilty in 2010 to forgery and a probation violation.  In July 2013, she was arrested for second-degree theft and drug possession.  Recently, she was arrested in March on seven counts of forgery and two counts of falsifying public documents and ongoing criminal conduct.  She also has warrants out in Nebraska for fraud, identity theft, and other forgery-related crimes.

To read the full story, please visit the Daily Nonpareil website.