New North Dakota License

North Dakota to Redesign its Driver’s License

North Dakota is updating its driver’s license after 10 years.  The new license will have added security features and a new design.

The new license will be issued beginning this week in Bismarck.  The other DMVs will begin issuing the new license in spring and summer.

This redesign will help prevent surge of fake IDs from North Dakota.  Some new features of the ID will be a different background color, improved printing, enhanced laminate, and more.

The redesign will be included for minor driver’s licenses, permits, and ID cards.

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Louisiana Driver's lIcense

REAL ID approved by Louisiana Senate

In Louisiana, legislation was approved to allow local residents to obtain a driver’s license that is compliant with the REAL ID Act.

House Bill 907 will provide the option for Louisiana residents to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license or one that does not comply with federal standards.  Several REAL ID opponents worry that the REAL ID Act may lead to additional governmental intrusion into state affairs.

The REAL ID program began following 9/11.  It creates security standards for all drivers’ licenses.   States that don’t implement REAL ID may cause residents to be rejected when using their driver’s license as identification to obtain a boarding pass.

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Ohio Real ID

Ohio Refuses to Enforce REAL ID Standards

In April, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reportedly will begin enforcing the REAL ID Act, a measure requiring Americans to produce federal government-approved identification upon demand.  In order to ensure that all Americans carry the national ID card, the REAL ID Act establishes standards for driver’s licenses that must be met by states.  However, Ohio has now backed out of the REAL ID program.