Tenant Onboarding

Streamline Tenant Onboarding with IDScan.net

Streamlining  Tenant Onboarding with IDScan.net

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Whether you are a leasing agent, property manager or a landlord, streamlining potential tenant onboarding is crucial to making the best use of your time and maximizing tenant potential.  IDScan.net’s WizzForms auto populating software will help you easily capture potential or new tenant information and auto-populate rental, leasing or deposit forms to not only help you streamline your operations, but also ensure you capture accurate data by eliminating keystroke errors.

WizzForms is an application used to capture and auto-populate the information stored on a driver’s license, state ID or passport directly into ANY field entry program such as MS Excel, Access, Outlook, QuickBooks, ERP systems, CRM software, or web form. WizzForms is compatible with any Windows computer and can be integrated into any type of application including POS systems, visitor management solutions, text-entry programs.

Paired with the M280, WizzForms will allow you to:

    • Autofill ANY form with new or potential tenant information
    • Promote positive tenant experience
    • Capture image of tenant ID
    • Eliminate keystroke errors & typos
    • Save time & increase efficiency
    • Continue using your current systems – WizzForms integrates with any type of application
  • Ability to add ID scanning into your platform

To learn more about how IDScan.net can help streamline the way you capture new or potential tenant information, call us at 888-389-5361.


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