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Startup Closeup:

By: Lance Traweek, Managing Editor

Starting Point:

In today’s digitized world, businesses are looking to quickly and accurately identify customers for efficient transactions., an ID verification business, was created to help them. markets with a mobile solution, and counts IBM, Shell and Tesla as some of the customers using its technology.

Founded in 2003, was established without external capital. Its founders, Russian immigrants Denis Petrov and Andrey Stanovnov, began working out of their homes and later moved to LaunchPad. They enrolled at The Idea Village, and the New Orleans-based tech company is now based in the University of New Orleans Lakefront tech park.

Petrov said what started as a hobby developed into a business.entrepreneur

“We are very proud immigrants that came a very long way and developed a passion for entrepreneurship,” said Petrov, the firm’s CEO. “We are proud to be in the United States and help with the technological growth of this great country.”

The Pitch: captures information from a form of identification. Clients use’s solutions to auto-populate forms, run background checks, track customer activity and manage rewards programs.

Processing the data only takes a couple of seconds and eliminates mistakes and frustrations associated with manual entry, Petrov said. Retailers, auto dealers and rental companies use’s solutions to instantly capture customer information and run credit checks. Places like casinos, theme parks, bars, and college campuses use it to track activity coming and going, to manage customer loyalty programs, pinpoint fake IDs and grant or restrict access. In addition, many businesses use it to generate customer analytics.

Traction: was the first to market with the mobile iteration of the technology. In 2009, it delivered the first mobile app approved by Apple that allows a North American driver’s license to be scanned. He said that allowed them to be set apart from similar products.

The company is looking toward the future when physical forms of identification may be replaced with technologies like facial recognition. Petrov said they have created a TSA-approved tool that enables flight crews to electronically verify and validate a passenger’s photo ID prior to boarding a private aircraft.

While they serve major brands, is not able to name many of its customers. They include some of the world’s largest retail chains, automotive dealers and financial institutions, Petrov said.


Petrov said they have various marketing techniques. They use trade shows to promote the technology.

“We continue to innovate that technology,” Petrov said.


Petrov said there are a few publicly traded companies and startups that compete in the same space.

“We identify certain niches that we work in and already have a solid track record that speaks for itself,” he said.

He he wants to continue to create technology that helps businesses by streamlining processes.

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