WizzForms Tablet


WizzForms Tablet is a powerful application used to populate driver’s license and ID information directly into ANY online web form. This app is perfect for managing customers, expediting application processes, and eliminating manual data entry.

WizzForms Tablet eliminates manual data entry by capturing the information on a driver’s licenses and populating it into an existing web form. By using an external scanner, your iPad becomes a sophisticated scanning device that reads any US or Canadian ID and collects that data into your company’s web form. No iPad app like this exists on the market and our software provides a scanning speed of 1-2 seconds and an accuracy rate of 99%.

WizzForms also works on Windows Tablets such as Surface see our Windows page

The WizzForms Tablet app can collect any data from a driver’s license including name, address, date of birth, gender, and time of scan. If you are using more than one web form, WizzForms allows you to set up multiple profiles, so you can control what data you collect for each web form. The app takes 5 minutes to set up and requires no prior programming experience. Simply match the fields to data you wish to collect and begin scanning.


  • Quickly capture data using your iPad
  • Save time and money by automating manual data entry
  • Eliminate typos caused from typing in data
  • Set up several profiles to capture data for multiple web forms
WizzForms Tablet 3
WizzForms tablet 2
WizzForms Tablet 1


  • Scan any driver’s license with the camera of your iPad
  • Populate ID information into any online form
  • Scans IDs in 1-2 seconds with 99% accuracy
  • Customizable profiles to fit your data capture needs

Hardware compatibility list:

  • iMag Pro by IDTech for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch
  • Linear Tab for iPad portable Barcode Scanner – 2D (PDF417) and Magnetic stripe reader
  • Honeywell Captuvo Sled SL62 for iPad Mini
  • KDC200i/300i/425i – Magnetic stripe and PDF417(2D) Barcode scanner for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad

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