Mobile ID Validation

Onboard customers from their own mobile device.

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About Mobile ID Validation

Our Mobile ID Validation technology allows you to enroll customers and confirm their identity from their own mobile device. They simply captures images of their ID, and our technology handles the rest.

Integrate Mobile ID Validation into your application to make remote customer enrollment easy and secure.

How it Works

Mobile ID Validation

The customer opens your app or web-based form.

The customer uses the camera on their mobile devise to take a picture of both sides of their ID.

Our web service validates the ID and provides readable data to populate your form.

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Add Facial Recognition

Add facial recognition for an added layer of verification. The customer snaps a selfie, and our technology compares their face to the image on their ID.

Integrate Mobile ID Validation

Integrate Mobile ID Validation—with or without the facial recognition add-on—into your application.

Our software development kit (SDK) makes installation seamless for your development team. And we offer developer support and frequent updates.