ID Parsing

Collect information off of drivers’ licenses and passports from across the world.


ID Parsing Explained

The term ID parsing describes the process of collecting, separating, and classifying information from the various fields on an ID.

The individual’s information is stored on the ID in a barcode. When an ID is scanned, parsing technology automatically captures the data from the ID and converts it to a usable and consistent format.

What Parsing Does

Captures Data

Once the information from the ID is collected and sorted, use it to populate forms or store it in your database.

Validates the ID

Make sure that the format of the ID you’re scanning matches the format of the issuing body. If not, you know the ID is fake.

Off-The-Shelf ID Parsing

Integrate ID Parsing


WizzForms takes the data from an ID and automatically populates any form you want. This includes web forms, CRMs, and Google Docs.


Our visitor management platform utilizes the data collected from scanning the ID. The parsed data populates the visitor management platform.

Our Developer Tools offers a variety of developer tools that allow easy integration of our technology, including ID parsing SDKs for windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Integrate ID parsing into any system for customer enrollment and registration, or anywhere else you’d need to collect an individual’s data.

Maine License

The Most Robust Library

We have built a complete database consisting of nearly every available format of all government-issued ID’s including drivers’ licenses and IDs from all 50 states, Military ID’s, Tribal ID’s, as well as international IDs.

Our database of IDs is the most robust library available. We constantly update it with new ID formats as they are released, so our technology will read even the newest IDs.