Facial Recognition

Detect, track, recognize, and analyze people in live video streams.

facial recognition solution

How it Works

Once you have captured an individual’s face—in person, from their ID picture, or from another photo—our facial recognition technology will recognize them.

Next time a person arrives, and your camera picks them out of a live feed, our software will alert you have the face match.

Facial Recognition Applications

Security & Visitor Management

There are a wide variety of uses for facial recognition, including:

  • Welcoming frequent guests upon arrival
  • Recognizing persons you have previously banned from the premises
  • Comparing a face to a database of images

Validates the ID

Attach an individual’s face to a record in your CRM to:

  • Recognize a VIP or high spender as soon as they arrive
  • Identify repeat visitors and their visit history
  • Learn purchase habits and offer personalized recommendations

Off-The-Shelf Facial Recognition 

Integrate ID Parsing


Attach an individual’s face to their record in our visitor management platform. Enroll the individual from an image or from live stream. Next time they arrive, VeriScan will recognize them and pull up their record.

Our Developer Tools

Build facial recognition technology in to your application using our SDK.