Secure Data Storage

Store your data securely in the cloud or on your premises.

It’s important to know where your customer data is being stored once it’s pulled from an ID. You can store the data locally, but if you want to share information, cloud storage is required. Or we can install a private cloud at your facility.

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Cloud Security

If you’re storing data in the cloud, you want to know it’s secure. We utilize Microsoft Azure for cloud storage, which is certified by the FBI. For redundancy, we use Rackspace.

This combination prevents downtime while optimizing security.

How Your Company Can Prevent Account Takeovers

On-Premise Cloud

If you want the benefits of cloud storage, but you want to keep the data within your firewall, we offer an on-premise cloud solution.

You stay in control of your data security. And our team can even come to you install the on-premise cloud.