Passport Scanning

Scan passports and IDs from across the world.

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The Machine Readable Zone

Passports and national ID cards use technology known as machine readable zones (MRZ). The individual’s information is stored digitally in the MRZ, and our passport scanning technology automatically captures and sorts the data, making it available in a usable format.

In addition to passports, our MRZ technology can also scan drivers’ licenses from any country that uses Latin characters.

Off-The-Shelf Passport Scanning

Integrate Passport Scanning


WizzForms takes the data from a passport and automatically populates any form you want. This includes web forms, CRMs, and Google Docs.


Our visitor management platform utilizes the data collected from scanning the passport. The data populates the visitor management platform.

Our Developer Tools

Our Passport Parsing SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to incorporate passport reading and parsing capabilities into your own application.

The robust, state of the art SDK is designed for developers and allows you to parse the digital data from the MRZ found on passports and other national ID cards.

Panasonic N1

Mobile Passport Scanning has partnered with Panasonic to offer the first-ever rugged handheld mobile passport scanning solution for reading Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), allowing you to scan passports and IDs from anywhere in the world.

The Panasonic Toughpad® FZ-N1 is the only passport / MRZ scanning solution available on the market from a major hardware manufacturer.