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With over 10 years of experience we continually pioneer ID scanning technology and visitor management software to maximize productivity and guarantee security by helping you monitor and manage all visitors that enter your facility. We are dedicated to providing you with a solution that best fits your needs and allows for a quick and reliable visitor management system.
Core Features
•  Multi-platform visitor management and access control
•  Swift and accurate data capture system
•  Sophisticated security features for fraud prevention and compliance (such as MK Denial list)
•  Integrated check-in system (visitor imaging, waiver compliance and badge printing)
•  Automated notification for guest arrival (text and email)
•  Comprehensive reporting module
Our Customers about the VMS:
“Before, we manually managed our visitor entry process – from checking against a terrorist list, to asking our visitors to watch a 17 minute video – our process typically took guests at least 30 minutes before entering our facility.
Now that we have implemented’s VeriScan Online, the entire check-in process takes less than two minutes. The system is user-friendly and covers all aspects we need, such as allowing the host to add multiple visitors to the system, alerting the host of visitor arrival, and the reporting enables us to monitor and analyze all visitors on-site. I love the charisma that brought to the table as we worked to design a solution to fit our needs.”

IT Security Manager at the largest oil refinery in North America

Automatically scans system to
safeguard against fraud and ensure
compliance with MK denial list

Quickly inputs data found on
identification and allows the guard to
take images of the visitor

Automatically scans system to form any tablet or handheld device

Snapshot of the reporting
system to monitor visitors

Graphs to measure visitor metrics of plant

There are two options for the fee structure1) $1,000 for the year (per device),2) $99 per device each month.Call us if you have more than five devices to receive a discount.

Yes, we do offer help and can set up a live demo to showcase the product and user experience. If you are interested in the demo, please fill out this form or contact us directly at at our toll-free number 1.866.389.5361 or email us at Customization is available upon request.

The system can scan any type of US or Canadian government issued ID, including driver’s license, military ID, CAC, and all foreign and domestic passports.

With VeriScan Online, the check-in process can all be managed from the convenience of a handheld device. The guard collects the ID of the driver and scans it, and in less than one second, that data will be be automatically captured and added to the system free of any errors. Once that is complete, the visitor can sign any waivers needed to enter the facility and capture the image of the driver using a camera built into the device. The data and image is immediately printed onto an ID card for the visitor and the host is automatically notified of their arrival.

We are very serious about data privacy and security. Our databases are completely encrypted and hosted by Rackspace and Microsoft. No one can access your data, except you. is available around the clock to support all Enterprise clients. Should you have a problem, please call us or go through our online customer service portal. We are always there to service any inquiries or concerns you may have

Yes, we make it easy for you to export the reports to Excel and other required programs.

Yes, you can try a free 30-day trial membership by going to Sign UP

VeriScan Online supports Windows, iOS and Android platforms

It automatically checks the visitor’s information against any lists designated by the plant, such as the MK Denial Security List. The system can also quickly detect fake IDs.

As soon as the visitor checks in, either an SMS text or email is sent to the host. The host has the option to select between these two options once the visit request form is submitted.

Multiple reports are available. You can generate reports based on zip codes, detail reports (provides in-depth visitor data), unique visitors report, and we can help you customize reports to accommodate any of your additional needs

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