Nonprofits and Political Organizations

Generate information and insights that drive growth and improve operations with a simple scan of an ID

With our ID scanners for nonprofit organizations and associations, marketing can transform contact information into valuable, actionable data that bolsters fundraising efforts and enrollment.

visitor management system

Nonprofit organizations and associations rely on’s solutions to increase enrollment and build their databases while keeping operations efficient and safe.

Transform Meetings and Events

Transform meetings and events into meaningful opportunities to grow membership and donations with the swipe of an ID, regardless of location or internet availability:

  • Quickly register visitors, prospects and attendees and automatically capture their data to build lists for future events, marketing, and more

  • Collect and aggregate valuable demographic data

  • Add comments to visitor profiles and customize groups

  • Build and track donor lists for compliance and fundraising

Improve Operations

Keeping expenses in check and streamlining operations are made easier with automation:

  • Ensure fast and accurate data entry

  • Eliminate handwritten logs and other paperwork

  • Collect payments and donations

  • Transform demographic information into actionable intelligence

  • Personalize and target marketing campaigns and outreach efforts

Practical Applications and Use Cases

Here are some common applications of our technology used by nonprofits and associations.

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IDWare Guest | Desktop

  • Desktop solution for Windows
  • Reads IDs (US  & Canada), passports (with select hardware)
  • Offline scanning capabilities
  • Allows you to classify frequent guests, employees, and banned individuals
IDWare Guest Mobile with IDWare 9000 Mobile ID and passport scanner

(Removed) Visitor Management Bundle with IDWare 9000 ID and Passport Scanner - IDWare Guest | Mobile

  • Contactless mobile solution
  • Reads IDs (US & Canada), passports
  • Offline scanning capabilities
  • Allows you to classify frequent guests, employees, and banned individuals

This is just one use-case for our ID scanning solution. We can cater to many different industries.

Need Help Identifying Your Solution? is an AI-powered identity verification platform. We are unique among ID scanning software providers because we use machine learning to perform ID authentication, not just static templates.

More than 6,500 companies use solutions built on our platform, including our autopopulation tool, WizzForms, and our visitor management system, VeriScan, as well as custom and bespoke solutions built by our team of industry experts. Additionally, hundreds of developers use our APIs and SDKs to create and power their own applications.

Our customers value our deep knowledge of ID scanning compliance and laws across the country, and ability to use our expertise to translate real world use cases into elegant, useable software, as well as our friendly, accessible customer support for clients of all sizes.

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