Finance and Banking

Reduce fraud, ensure compliance, and improve customer service with our KYC ID scanning system for the financial industry.

With our ID scanner for the financial industry, simply scan an ID to quickly, easily, and securely verify customer identity when onboarding new accounts. Banks and financial institutions of all sizes depend on’s ID validation solutions to reduce fraud and streamline onboarding. 

DVS Solution

The solution will automatically reject the application if the ID is deemed fake or if the facial match between the ID and selfie is below the confidence percentage threshold set by your institution.


SOC 2 Compliant

As a SOC 2 compliant company, we take your customer data seriously, using top data security technology to securely transmit your customer data.

Reduce Fraud and Streamline Onboarding

Whether in-branch or from a customer’s mobile device, our technology captures information from an ID and automatically populates loan applications, account enrollment forms, and more, with 100% accuracy. Combat fraudulent activities to help prevent monetary losses, penalties, and fines. Our ID scanning system performs a series of security checks so you can:

  • Prevent fraudulent account openings

  • Verify customer identity with optional third-party checks for KYC

  • Ensure compliance with state and federal laws

  • Onboard customers instantly

  • Free employees’ time to focus on helping customers, not filling out forms

Prevent Chargebacks


We are proud to partner with leaders in the finance and banking industry.

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Use Cases

Our solutions can be used in-branch for new account enrollment and teller lanes,
as well as for mobile ID validation to validate IDs in consumer-facing apps.

Mobile Solutions


Solutions for mobile onboarding

  • Customer self enrolls, using their mobile device’s camera to take a picture of both sides of their ID, as well as a selfie using anti-spoofing technology
  • Pictures are authenticated to confirm the customer’s identity
  • Data is auto-populated into the application with 100% accuracy
  • Can be integrated directly into iOS or Android app or processed through our web service

In-Branch Solutions

Bank Kiosk

Common applications of our ID scanners for banks

  • ID parsing populates applications or enrollment forms in less than 1 second and with 100% accuracy with just the scan of an ID
  • Authentication technology performs multiple security checks, including infrared and ultraviolet, to ensure the ID is authentic
  • Third-party database validation available for higher-level vetting

Ready To Buy?

We offer custom solutions for large financial institutions, as well as out-of-the-box solutions for smaller banks, featured below.
Please reach out for more information about our custom projects.

IDWare Collect + Image for Financial Institutions & Loan Officers

  • Standalone desktop solution for Windows
  • Reads IDs (US & Canada)
  • Captures dual-sided image of IDs
  • Enhances and expedites form data entry through ID parsing software
  • Collects information in less than 1 second with 100% accuracy
IDWare Collect with E-Seek M260 Scanner and WizzForms

IDWare Collect for Bank Tellers

  • Standalone desktop solution for Windows
  • Reads IDs (US & Canada)
  • Enhances and expedites form data entry through ID parsing software
  • Collects information in less than 1 second with 100% accuracy

This is just one use-case for our ID scanning solution. We can cater to many different industries.

Need Help Identifying Your Solution? is an AI-powered identity verification platform. We are unique among ID scanning software providers because we use machine learning to perform ID authentication, not just static templates.

More than 6,500 companies use solutions built on our platform, including our autopopulation tool, WizzForms, and our visitor management system, VeriScan, as well as custom and bespoke solutions built by our team of industry experts. Additionally, hundreds of developers use our APIs and SDKs to create and power their own applications.

Our customers value our deep knowledge of ID scanning compliance and laws across the country, and ability to use our expertise to translate real world use cases into elegant, useable software, as well as our friendly, accessible customer support for clients of all sizes.

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