Screen and track visitors entering your school, and keep out unwanted and banned visitors with ID scanners for schools.

Employing student ID scanners and school visitor management software dramatically improves school safety and security by denying access to unauthorized individuals and granting access to those approved, all in real-time

visitor management system

From K-12  through college and university campuses, educational institutions rely on our ID scanning solutions to keep their facilities and grounds safe.

Process and Track Visitors

Protect students, teachers, and staff by validating and approving all visitors at the point of entry:

  • Manage Access

    Print visitor badges with name and time of expiration to manage access while inside

  • Maintain records

    Capture visitor information and image in less than a second and add a record to our visitor management software. Reports can be easily exported.

  • Keep out unwanted visitors

    Automatically run IDs against banned lists, sex offender registry, and other third-party databases all in real-time, and tag records as “banned” to be alerted the second their ID is scanned

  • Institute contact tracing

    Take temperatures and create a time-stamped record for contact tracing; set alarms if temperatures exceed healthy thresholds

Use Cases

Here are some common applications of our used technology used in education environments


Keep your school safe and secure with our solutions

  • Scan visitor IDs to keep time-stamped records of everyone entering the school
  • Group visitors into categories, including volunteers, parents, employees, or banned individuals
  • Run real-time background or sex offender checks
  • Check IDs against pre approved pick up lists; alert staff to custody issues


Easily manage access and track attendance at your university

  • Scan IDs at entrance to university buildings and residence halls to keep time-stamped records of student, faculty, employee, and visitor activity
  • Add a “banned” tag to alert security personnel when the ID is scanned
  • Use UniScan to track attendance and collect statistics by simply scanning a student ID

Ready To Buy?

IRT1 Bundle

IDWare Guest + Temperature for Schools and Universities

  • Standalone desktop solution for Windows
  • Contactless temperature scanner detects employee and visitor temperature in seconds and displays the visitor’s exact temperature on-screen and notifies the visitor whether their temperature is in the healthy range
  • Records can be easily exported, including time-stamped records complete with visitor information, including temperature
  • Label printer available to easily print time-expiring badges for visitors

IDWare Guest | Desktop

  • Standalone desktop solution for Windows
  • Records stored locally
  • Captures an image of ID or passport and stores them with the record
  • Optional external third party checks as an extra layer of security, including criminal background and sex offender checks
  • Label printer available to easily print time-expiring badges for visitors

This is just one use-case for our ID scanning solution. We can cater to many different industries.

Need Help Identifying Your Solution? is an AI-powered identity verification platform. We are unique among ID scanning software providers because we use machine learning to perform ID authentication, not just static templates.

More than 6,500 companies use solutions built on our platform, including our autopopulation tool, WizzForms, and our visitor management system, VeriScan, as well as custom and bespoke solutions built by our team of industry experts. Additionally, hundreds of developers use our APIs and SDKs to create and power their own applications.

Our customers value our deep knowledge of ID scanning compliance and laws across the country, and ability to use our expertise to translate real world use cases into elegant, useable software, as well as our friendly, accessible customer support for clients of all sizes.

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