Our Primary Industries

We provide a full spectrum of solutions to our customers for fraud prevention, access control, automatic data capture, age verification, and visitor management. Our full suite of mobile, tablet, and desktop solutions are used in a variety of industries, some of which include the entertainment, casino, marketing, retail, security, and technology sectors.

This proven technology has the ability to integrate into any platform, and we offer a variety of solutions including large-scale deployments for national corporations, individual licenses for single locations, web service solutions for various scan volumes, and stand-alone software applications. Our technology is also hardware agnostic, providing you with several options to choose the best scanning device for your needs.


The Automotive industry uses our ID scanning software to enhance the customer experience and keep dealerships safe by verifying customer identities. Our systems decrease fraudulent transactions and have the ability to vet customers through OFAC or other database checks.


Yale University

We work with a variety of educational institutions to scan student IDs. Our software streamlines the process of checking in students at events and verifies the attendee is a valid student. Our UniScan app also expedites student enrollment by collecting data including name, phone # and comments.


Federal Bank of NY

When extending a line of credit, it’s important to verify your customer’s identity. Our clients in the financial sector rely on our technology to quickly identify fraudulent transactions and reduce the amount of risk involved with extending a new line of credit to a customer.


Casinos use our ID scanning systems to verify age and collect customer data for loyalty marketing and check-in process. Our systems allow casinos to eliminate any type of liability, prevent fraud in the cage, eliminate customer chargebacks, typing errors and more.


Gated Communities

Our ID scanning solutions scan any type of government-issued ID and automatically collect the information from the ID. Gated communities use our solutions to expedite visitor check-in and check-out when entering and exiting the properties. Group visitors as “residents” or “guests,” print visitor badges and more.


Super 8 Hotels

Our ID scanning technology is used by several hospitality and PMS companies across the US and Canada to enhance the visitor check-in process. Our solutions eliminate manual data entry and ensures that customer information is input correctly without typos.


California DMV

We work with several DMVs and police departments throughout the country to verify age, quickly capture data for ticketing and identify expired or fake licenses. Our software integrates into any system and our selection of rugged scanners provides an effective and reliable solution.


Sapphire Nightclub

Our clients use our mobile app to catch fake IDs and verify age. Bars & clubs need to protect themselves from liability and the possibility of losing their license. Our VeriScan app helps bars & clubs manage customers with shared lists (Banned, VIP, etc), image capture and sophisticated reporting tools.


Reducing wait time is crucial in the healthcare industry. Our technology eliminates the need for practices to continually take a photocopy of your driver’s license. Our software auto-populates any form by scanning an ID and provides ID image capture capability to eliminate paperwork and store data electronically.


Our proprietary algorithm decodes the back of a driver’s license to ensure it is real, which helps reduce the amount of return fraud in retail. With our solutions, retail outlets can enhance their loyalty enrollment programs, quickly process credit applications and save time.


United Property Management

Our ID scanning technology and visitor management software maximizes productivity and guarantees security by helping you monitor and manage all visitors that enter your facility. We provide our customers with a solution that allows for a quick and reliable visitor management system.