Our global solutions provide our ID scanning solutions to our international customers. We offer both WizzForms and VeriScan to customers needing to auto populate information as well as verify and authenticate passports and other international documents. provides global solutions to service customers’ needs around the world. From reading MRZ on passports to UV and OCR, we have a variety of solutions. Our WizzForms Plus software paired with any of 3M’s passport readers populates ID information directly into any database or form, making it the perfect go-to global solution for scanning IDs and passports.

Global ID scanning Solution
3M passport scanner

The Ultimate Global Solution: AT9000 & WizzForms Plus Global

  • Quickly capture image and validate passports and other IDs with 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Save passport or ID image and auto-populate data into ANY webpage or form on a Windows based platform
  • Optional RFID, 720 DPI resolution & Smart Card Module also available
  • Price: $1,744 – $2,404

CR100M & WizzForms

  • Scan machine-readable passports (MSP), visas (MRV) and US and international resident permits
    • Reads all passports issued after 2005
  • Auto-populate data into ANY webpage or form on a Windows based platform
  • Price: $798.95
CR100M Passport Scanner